Nemesis vocabulary

Nemesis– Friends who are just like sisters (The sisterhood of Nemesis)

Joblessness– Whatever we do. Our writing, our hang outs, our experiences. it’s more like we don’t really do anything and yet do EVERYTHING!!

Geni-ass – More than just genius. Genius is like ‘yeah all right’. Geni-ass is more like the super-intelligent-and-stupid in a snobbish kind of way.

Hypothesis– well.. Its got its usual dictionary meaning. But then we don’t make only the ‘real’ hypothesis. Ours include fiction+reality+science+loads of imagination. (Read the story in sci-fi mix up–Kesukhadda! link-

Will add later when we can make up some more! Happy blogging!

If you are a dreamer. Check out CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS – a new blog by Namrata Deka.


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