Profile of Namrata Deka- by Namrata Baruah!

Heya World!

Greetings! Ni-sama (namrata deka) is writting about me so.. I guess i’ll have to do the same. So here goes, we call her Dekahydrate (you know… A chemistry thingy) or sometimes Annie (umm…her grandma gave her that name actually, preety cool for a granny).

So here is what SHE had to say about herself and my comments about it in the brackets. “I am this average girl with terrific ideas ( modest..!) but am way too lazy to put them to use (i am a bit more lazi-er,I guess). This blog seems to be a good start. I love reading novels. It gives me reprieve (dont really know what that word means… ) that I can’t really describe. Now I am up to writing stories out of the dreams I get.”
Well I hope she writes something good about me.

Anyways thats what she had to say,now -my turn! 😀 . Well the first thing you tend to think when you meet her is that-she seems kind of reserved, well not an introvert type reserved, but kind of like an aristrocat or something,but once you get to know her,she is kick-ass. (see? I write highly about you too! But my highly is more highly than your highly!!). She cant actually move her neck that much (hehehe!).She has really awesome curly hair, you’ll definately not not notice that! But I think its the second thing we have in common(i.e curly hair). She knows how to sing classical songs… Hmmm… Thats kind of doubtful (never heard her sing). Also she has a mega music collection! But  the genres of what songs we like are kind of opposites! Oh and how can I forget this tiny fact- she is the flash of our class, she would run past you so fast you wouldn’t even notice what it actually was! ( hmm….i guess i overdid it a bit. …)

Well,She seem to be holding an audition of some kind for me (in my profile) … Hey Deka , we do have a 27 years deal, dont forget that!

But all things considered ,she is definately fun to discuss jobless topics with, has a thing for the lead singer of a band, is taller than me, and last but not the least, is a social person who loves partying (unlike me, according to her)  ! And We are a sisterhood and awkwardly, that makes having a namesake a lot of fun!

– namrata B (:D




8 responses to “Profile of Namrata Deka- by Namrata Baruah!

  1. ummm…i never said i can sing. i can’t sing. I never said I can. You are creating false memory!. BTW we do like this same song( which FYI belongs to the same genre)– Telling the world.

    Ps: the pic is kinda gross…so that means i like it ( it doesn’t mean i like gross things).
    — Namrata D

    • Hmm.. U have very high degree which means u can sing.. Bt I had 2 make it funny.. N yeah.. But tbats just one song.. Overall genre is kind of diff… N yeah hehe.. Gross pic! But I like it 2

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