Profile of Namrata Baruah by Namrata Deka


Lemme start with a Muwahahahahaah (there’s no reason to laugh by the way)- that’s a classic Namrata Baruah dialogue…
She got this totally different outlook of the world. See? I write highly about you. (pssst..she doesn’t want the fact about her habit of giving bizarre expressions revealed. So I kinda sorta need to write good things. )  She is a total manga and animax freak who started her own manga at the age of 16. She’s a very talented artist and quite a lot of people want her drawings (Okay…I think I am praising too much now).

Ummmm… what else? oh yeah! Favourite youtube stars- charlieissocoollike, nigahiga,skillzarish, detrix blah blah…( got me addicted too.). She seems 2 spend more time in the net now a days…Hence…the idea of a blog.

I must state that she is very clever. I have to write like two paragraphs about her (and i’m not getting any ideas as she censored almost all of my things) BUT she had to write only one about me. The other one just contained my honest statements.

She says she mingles and dances and all that with people. But I have my doubts as she purposly didn’t attend a major School party. So the thing about ‘mingling’ is not that true and avoiding a social jamboree is really her thing. Hmph!

I need to mention this- I don’t know how but all the latest techo cool gadgets end up in her hands. Everyone is kida jealous of that.

She’s looking for a guy who plays the guitar and sings you know acoustic style. Any volunteers? contact me. I am interviewing.Though on a second thought, Don’t contact me, go directly to her cuz I might (will) not select you if you don’t sing like (and look like) Adam Gontier ( three days grace’s lead singer) plus break your head if you go on with soul music. So I guess out 27 year pact she forced me into has to stay put then.

At first when I met her I was not really happy to get someone who had the same name as me ( where will the uniqueness go?) but then namesake seems astounding now which wasn’t possible without her!


One of NamrataB's

-Namrata D


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