NEMESIS actually has  relation with revenge or retribution. But here is a new meaning of Nemesis- Jobless hypothesis. It is a joined blog By Namrata Baruah and Namrata Deka. Jobless hypothesis is  niminy piminy if you think about it. It makes life better for those who think they have no work or significance in life except for sitting in the net. This blog, started in January 1,2012 helps interpret the various rules of life–or rather we would would like to think that.

We (Namrata Baruah and Namrata Deka) had just watched the movie ‘The sisterhood of the travelling pants’ and the friendship between the four friends really moved us. Plus the friend/sister thing looked so much fun!! We talked about the movie a lot and ended up calling ourselves ‘The sisterhood’. But that sounded really wierd (~_~”). As a our names started with ‘N’, we were flicking through adjectives with N. We ended up with nemesis<didn’t  know what it meant that time!> and started calling  ourselves ‘The sisterhood of nemesis’ which started our endless hypothesis about life.  Later we  came to know that it meant ‘vengeance’(a friend sarcastically pointed that to us actually)but then it struck and so here we are with a new meaning of Nemesis i.e. ‘sisters with the same name’… kinda odd.. but this let to an endless friendship and the start of something new. So it is pretty awesome.

We have categories where we both write and edit together before posting. Also there are categories where we post our experiences and stories exclusively. Writing gives us the fun that is much needed in our busy schedule. It is also an easier way to stay connected to the world.

Left: Namrata Baruah
Right: Namrata Deka

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