Shoes:I can stop biting-NAMRATA DEKA

I wrote this for my college science magazine.



I once remember walking an entire mile just to prove to my friends that my shoes don’t hurt, where in fact they were killing me. It was obvious from my friends’ faces that they certainly knew that fact but resisted saying anything for my benefit. So with a smile, while cursing myself on the inside I went ahead with it. I could not complain. I could not blame anyone. I am sure you can understand the pure misery.
Can you name one girl who hasn’t done that once in her life? Or bought a pair of pretty shoes that were sure to give shoe bites? I know, we all are the same X buddies. Sigh.
As we know, the shoes designed for a female fashionista is basically for style rather then comfort. So, it is very important to buy shoes of appropriate size, shape and material to avoid shoe bites…

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