Not the ideal shopping spree


People usually go back to their cars after shopping right? You know, to go back home and stuff? We tried to do so too. But the thing that the area in which the mall was located changed drastically. Like when we entered, it was a full urban area. When we were out, the road to the mall was run down and the area was basically a jungle.

The thing is that the brain is crazy. It does not understand any logic behind the dreams. Yes brain I called you crazy. Why? Didn’t you already know you are crazy? Oh you did. Just did not want to admit it? I understand. Denial.

Suddenly, we were attacked with darts. Yes. You heard me right. Darts. With poisoned tips. Terrorists were attacking us. How did I know they were terrorists? Because they had a colorful banner saying “The international terrorist league”.  Now why would they use darts instead of good old guns beats me. The thing is they were using darts. So we did the most appropriate thing then. We ran…

Now my brain here is telling me that the most appropriate thing was to go talk some sense to the terrorist. Like they should use guns and not darts. And they should not write in a banner that they were terrorists. You know, talk about some tactics.

But brain you have to understand too. I didn’t have the time. I was a bit busy saving my life.  So we ran to a mountainside (how a mountain materialized is another mystery). We found a pretty good place to hide. But as luck has it, there were some interesting people there too… People who called snakes to kill earthworms. Now that’s a really bright idea. Not.

Those snakes were all all coming out from under the earth and crawling all over the place. But we could not move as we would then compromise our hideout to the terrorists.

So there we were, trying to hide from dart-using-banner-flashing terrorists but instead ending up in the company of people who were hell bent on making us some cool snake beds. Go figure.



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