Bad days… or good ones?

What happens when your day is going bad?

It gets worse.

You are stranded far away from your home, cast away to live as a hermit, wishing every moment that the trees would carry out a process called Wifi instead of photosynthesis.

Okay okay, not stranded. But yes you are away from home. And you have nothing to do.

It is actually not that bad that as you are surrounded by pretty tress swaying its leaves lightly. There is no sound of traffic. Only the chirping of birds in the morning and the sound of crickets at night with the occasional hyena. The only work you have to do is get up and eat, take a long bath with nice cold water to beat the heat and go on strolls in the evening.

Umm.. What was I talking about again? Something about a bad day right? Completely lost my point here.

Yeah. So. Bad day.

Now that I went to the positive mood better not go to the bad day part. It’s actually peaceful without my cellphone being in a coma and all. I do not appreciate the rashes in my face though. How did I get them? Was it the snake? Hm.


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