Ripples through my soul


They are not always HD like reality. They are mixed up. They are hazy. They are confused. They echo through the body forming ripples of pleasure and anguish.

How many times has an image put a smile on your face? And how many times has that same image pierced though your body revealing the longing deep down in your soul? Memories are important. They help you get through. And how will we design the present without our past. People say any bad memory in the past should be forgotten. The same people hang to the good old days.

How can someone possibly be always in the good? The good is of no value when one has never experienced the bad. But that is not of significance now. What I want to talk about is what are the strongest of the memories? Something we felt? Something we saw? Something that we got a whiff of? Or something that we heard?

Something that takes me back in time is either a sound or a smell. Specially to the bad times, the hard times.  I may have been using a particular perfume at some point of time. Maybe I have been going through hard times then. Forgotten, vanished. Then out of the blue I get a whiff of that perfume while walking down the road and things come rushing back. Not the exact memories, but about the lost things. Confusing waves of pleasure and pain. No idea what it really relates to.

Then has this ever happened to you? A song taking you back in time? Like if you are on a holiday and have been listening to some tracks in our ipod, do you like go back to the place when you listen to it many, many years later? This happens to me a lot. Songs not only has the ability to entertain but also store memories within it.

What triggers your memory?



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