UNTITLED…Really, not worthy of one.



Oh my gosh! Did you hear the news girls? Tina broke up with David! That slut! I always knew nothing good was ever going to come from her. I don’t know why David took her in the first place? David was her fourth boyfriend you know? Fourth! God knows how many more boys she wants to tame? She’s a complete SLUT!”

Slut…slut….and slut! The word was constantly banging my head as Adrita was spilling the latest break up gossip to our group. Okay, really? Slut? Excuse me but don’t you think it’s too big a word to suddenly slap it on her without knowing the real issue? So she broke up. Now that does not mean you’ll proclaim to every known bearer of humanity that she’s a draggle- tail. Come on darling who are you to adjudicate her? Adrita doesn’t even know a trace of Tina. With all these bulky thoughts pondering my mind, I could not cope any longer with her unnecessary jibber jabber and went out to take a drift in the school park.

What is it with people?” I asked myself. Tina had a boyfriend and she broke up with him. So what? Just because David happens to be the “most popular guy” in school, she’s a bitch? Hell no! I know what’s going to embark from here. Ardent pecking at Tina and unholy praises for almost a week. What’s most astonishing is that the female population is also an active member of it. Most of the girls in our school (including Adrita) have always has a lifelong crush on David (yes, he’s that hot) but nobody seems to usher bad curses about David’s past string of girlfriends. He gets away with the girls, thanks to his “jock” status and Greek god body. For him it was a new girl every week until Tina. So why is it that nobody ever calls him a drab? Because let’s face it people. If a boy had many girlfriends, he’s “Mr. Popular” but on the other hand if a girl had 4-5 boyfriends in her past, she’s a jade? Wow! Awesome judgment right? I love it….so the next time I’m off for some social work, I’m Hitler and the big guy who pushes and bullies other people is Gandhi? Holla! I love this world so much. The prodigious privileges I get because I’m a girl. For so many years, I have been seeing this going on around me. For some freaking reason, I don’t know what, a playboy gets to become Mr. Cool and a girl with the same tag is referred to as a slut? David was kind of the heartbreaker of our school until Tina came and swooshed him off his feet. His playboy image was long rubbed off and he is now the romantic hearted boy. What a monumental change! Just as those thoughts were penetrating my brain, I overheard a few boys passing by. “what a sick girl! She already had three boyfriends in the past…” one commented. “I always knew she was a hardcore bitch…playing boys around…”said another tall boy. That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. I straightaway went up to the tall guy and slapped him. So much for calling her a hardcore bitch. The blood inside me soared badly. The boys were dumbfounded and were staring at me with wild eyes. I know the guy wanted to hit me back. Sheesh! Doesn’t even know to respect girls. “think a thousand times before remarking on the character of a girl” I barked and went back to the bench behind the tree. I couldn’t believe the way the guy stared at me. Like he wanted to kill me for insulting him in front of all his friends. Huh! He deserved it! He deserved two! My blood was still raging. How could they pass so ill comments about her? Nobody knew her. Nobody. Tina has long been a good friend of mine. I can blindly swear and give my finest assurance that she’s one heck of a good human being. She’s an A- grade student and one of the prettiest girls in school. It’s obvious that a lot of boys ask her out. So she accepted some and went out with some. Is it her demerit that things don’t work out for some reason? Hey you don’t get your soul mate in your first relationship itself, do you? A few months ago David asked her out and she accepted him. And why won’t she? She’s a human alright. But last night Tina called me up and told me that she called it off with David. She realized she did not love him. It was completely understandable. But Merlin’s beard, what is wrong with the world? They are ushering her with a tag she doesn’t deserve without even knowing the real her. Now, David is the scapegoat and she’s the scalawag. The long string of girls who had their hearts broken by David is now an invisible piece of information. And I’m talking in general sense now. We see Tina’s situation every day. Most of us acknowledge a girl having 4-5 boyfriends as some kind of a “bad” girl. Ahuh? Judgment based on someone’s love life? Are you kidding me? Guess what? Here’s who Tina is. She aims to be a political leader of our country and wants to bring a transformation. Point out one person who’s willing to do that for our country and become a politician. We all think it but a very few enact it. My mom laughed when I told her this bit of news. That day I was seriously hurt. How can she just laugh? Doesn’t she see that it takes a load of courage to go down that path? Still Tina is adamant about her decision. Instead of making a mockery about it why don’t we appreciate someone who’s actually willing to do something for our country? At least we can do that much. Everyone complains about the lack of young leaders but if someone actually wants to become a politician we laugh at that person? Are we actually this amazing or what??!! All I’m asking is for people to broaden their thinking. Don’t judge a girl by her dating life. What if the girl cares about the present condition of our depleting environment and is a dynamic member of some club? What if she spends her every Sunday at the orphanage trying to help the needy? What if she responds to the greater causes and real issues of life? How can a person judge her by her number of past boyfriends then? Not that I’m saying that boys are spared and they get a free ticket to Disneyland. The scenario is similar but it worsens for the female gender. Is it so difficult to be broadminded? Is it? Sometimes I hear grandma groups gossip about people in love. According to them, the girl traps the boy in her charm and what not rubbish they keep on speaking. I feel like bombarding my head somewhere. Holy cow! They love each other alright? And for Pete’s sake! Girl trap the boy? Lord save me…do they mean to say that the boy is a robot and the girl approaches him, declares her love and kidnaps the boy in her ransack? Boom! End of love story! Even though I wish it with my eternal heart the existence of such a situation, sadly that doesn’t happen. Nobody traps nobody okay? Love trapped them. So blame it on love grandmas! Not the girls. Remember that you guys were once girls too?

Now suppose I were to introduce you to a stranger girl and you have heard that she is not a virgin. Immediately most of us will have this crazy notion that she is not a good girl. Reason- she is not a virgin. Applause! We should cling martinis together. We don’t know anything about her but this single piece of information is enough to judge her isn’t it? Applause again! Ask yourself truly. Are you really going to adjudge a girl based on this mere fact? How can we? I frankly don’t have any expectations from boys or men because according to them every mean thing in this world is because of us. True! They are because of us. They have this outlandish requirement that their wife or girlfriend must be “pure”. Pure huh? Do you even know what pure means? Pure is being true to yourself. A girl was in love and lost her virginity to her boyfriend. They later broke up for whatsoever reason. So she becomes impure? She must never date any other boy and take up celibacy? On the other hand, the boy gets to enjoy his full life? What kind of justice is this? Being a virgin doesn’t make you pure. Boys are such losers…even though they will be non virgins themselves, they’d always want a virgin wife themselves. For them a virgin girl is a pure and a good girl. Darlings, didn’t you learn that you don’t judge a book by its cover? What if she is a creep and whines about everything around her? What if she stays glued to you 24.7? what if she’s a mean little discriminating Chihuahua? Ow..Wait a sec, she’s still good for you right coz she’s a virgin. Even though hate the US, I really want to kiss it sometimes. Atleast they are not as narrow minded and don’t have such a silly notion to adjudge girls. Some of you here might think that I’m saying girls who make out with a thousand guys behind their parents’ back are good human beings. No there are actual bimbos in this world. But not everyone with a dating life. It is important that we open up our minds. a person cannot be judged by a single point. A person with a dating history is not a bad person. Is Jennifer Aniston a bad person? But maybe all boys are not the same. Just the other day when I asked a close friend his opinion on the issue, I was a bit taken aback by his reply. I honestly did not expect him to answer in the positive note (he being a descendent of the male gender). It made me think maybe people are changing for the greater good. But the number needs to gallop up. And it needs to start with girls. Instead of back biting about other girls and whose fashion sense is poorer, we must stand united and have each other’s back. We need to broaden our thinking and break open our narrow shells. It is very facile to blame someone but all the same difficult when we are accused of the same thing. So the next time you meet a girl with the above attributes, know her thoroughly before passing your judgement.



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