Water: Most deadliest and lethal weapon

Castle in the clouds

Two dreams in a row. Definitely not a great night.

Well.. it was kinda good given the fact that I got a really nice Victorian room and everything to stay in. I went to college( I am going to college in a few days. Yes. For real). In the college hostel instead of a tini tiny room, I got a really nice room with a big bed and nice drawers. Everything was painted white and it had ample amount of space. Plus the curtains were royal blue, the kind I like.  Obviously my brain would show me something that I liked. Or not.

Cuz the next moment I was in front of India Gate, running away from a missile. Maybe that’s a clue not to visit Delhi. Ah well… I shouldn’t let a small thing like a missile discourage me right? Right??

No. Don't try that. No. Don’t try that.

The thing is I…

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