Norman’s Musings

Read this first if you will- If life existed on any planet other than Earth, what would it be like?

“It says ‘Voyager 2’”, said Norman to the nearest worker.

“Va-ya-ger-tao” repeats the worker tilting its body indicating its confused state of mind. Norman has no patience to explain it to the worker. He is busy considering his new discovery. So the third planet from the sun actually has life? How has life even existed on a planet so close to the Sun? It was impossible! But here was the proof. A Spacecraft. An actual Spacecraft that has been sent.

In terms of the people of Earth, Norman was a mad scientist on Neptune,  involved in star gazing and making objects that had no meaning to the people in Neptune. Actually it was not even allowed to walk above the protective layers of hydrogen, helium and nitrogen. Especially not when the ‘ices’ were thinning. The had no benefit from the Sun. In fact, the Sun only interfered with their lives. The only protection they had was the fourteen moons that revolved around the planet.


Norman had no such issues. There were a few in his species that could relate to the other planets. Uranus seemed to have shadow forms just like them but the planets nearer to the sun was considered barren. But Norman had felt when he went to the largest moon Triton of Neptune that the third planet-Earth- was protected somehow. He connected to that planet but found no living forms. There were things that moved. But how could that be living? It was just moving forms. Those moving forms were neither made of gases nor rocks, of which Norman was composed of. It was just something that could move.

Then recently he had been observing things in the Solar System that were different from the meteors. There were made of ‘metal’. It would taste good, he thought.

When this Voyager 2 approached his planet, his workers just stared at in awe not understanding that it has been sent by some living creature. It had to be sent by a living creature, he thought. No universal thing could be that magnificent!

Maybe the thing itself is a living creature. And not a spacecraft that Norman thought to be in the beginning. He could not be sure.

Norma waved at it. There was no reaction. Norman wondered what protected it. And how could the scribblings (Voyeger2) made on the creature same as those he had seen back at his own living place? He was told that it was ‘a language’ and species like him in Neptune learnt it at an early age of infancy. The workers did not understand it. Still Norman could not be sure. He thought it to be an illusion. He was amongst those few who got illusions when they slept. The other species in the planet made fun of them because they would just lie down and disappear for sometime waking up only when the illusion or dream ended. Others did not sleep. Norman hated this fact. It was because of this reason he and many of his kind had been rejected from society.

Yet somehow he felt that this was not an illusion and the third planet from the devilish sun has life. The only moon that they have should be very strong to protect them. Hoping that the creature Voyager 2 would spot him and come say that he wasn’t dreaming…

Back on Earth, on August 25,1989 NASA scientists celebrated the Voyager two’s approach to a planet which the later named Neptune, after the Roman God of Sea. The Voyager traversed the distance between Neptune and Triton, and then observed Triton’s northern hemisphere as it passed over its north pole. They could not find any kind of life form on the planet.


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