If life existed on any planet other than Earth, what would it be like?

We know we have been off the grid for too long now. It’s time we buck up. so here is something that I thankfully wrote over the past few months. Actually this article was for selection in my college’s science magazine-EUREKA (where fyi I did get selected. YAY!!) Hope you enjoy reading.

I know. Pretty right?

I know. Pretty right?

We humans or the homo sapiens have our own planet to live in where we get oxygen, water, autotrophic plants that make the food for other heterotrophic animals and a personal celestial source- The Sun. But if we are to find another planet in a far off universe what would it be like? And no, I am not talking about the ‘little green men’ with the UFO who create the crop circles. Personally, I feel that concept is a little old and it hardly gives credit to the archetype of life. I am asking you to think about what can really happen?

Obviously scientists have yet to discover another planet with life in our own solar system. It looks like the scientific community is focusing on a planet that will have the same basic life as Earth. Some has other views but it is all hypothetical. Frankly, how much a few people can achieve? We have seen a single person contributing lodes but when it is compared to the universe, how can that contribution count? Also, the reason for focusing on a few factors may be due to the fact that we need a planet to get our resources from when Earth falls to utter turmoil. And that day seems to be fast approaching…

Even if we do discover another planet in our universe it is going to be mainly related to our planet with water or ice as a source because that is how we define to sustain life. We look for the same chemical composition of DNA. We believe it to undergo the same processes of chemical and then biological evolution that took place on Earth. But what if it is not? How can we define ‘life’? What soil is for us maybe life for them. What consists of living molecules for us, maybe non-living for them. The purely fictious concepts of aliens in movies like Avatar, Men in Black and Transformers show alien life forms. What if those concepts trun out to be true to some extent. Of course invation of another species is really far fetched. The human mind seems to be hardwired to the fact that if there is another planet with life, we cannot co-exist. But what if right now when you are reading this some planet has materialized with life and some planet is in the verge of destruction?

If a planet does exist in some some far off universe, how can we know that it contains life? How can we define the different life forms? According to Stephen Hawking, when a civilization reaches a phase when it is on the verge of discovering another civilization it tends to destroy itself. Those are his views. But ironically if it does turn up to be true, how are we to find out if  our civilization does destruct itself?

Humans on Earth is just a small speck in the vast universe. We cannot begin to imagine what life is. What if the other living beings do not need a celestial source. What if they are beings of the underground never to have seen the sky? Also in our own solar system we say that there are no living beings that can survive in the harsh conditions other then Earth. But what if they do exist? What if there are living beings in the core of Saturn? And the definition of living that we consider cannot be applicable to them? What if there are organisms far more intelligent then us who have observed us and do not define us as living because their definition of living is different. It can also be possible that some tiny creatures exist that are unfathomable to the human eye? We are talking about a different planet here when simple  microorganisms had existed in the same planet hidden from the intelligent human eye for thousand of years!


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