she is pretty :3

First of all.. totally sorry about the massive gap in between. we kinda were getting used to our new places. namrata D in delhi and me here ( ranchi). college is fun, but no matter how we put it-“high school never ends” 😛 . So finally almost two months old here and with our mid-sems finally starting and maybe thats why i’ve been watching trailers of new movies ( gosh i am weird)  -_-  but oh well, always need to hope for our future and in my future_ i am gonna watch FROZEN! 😀 trailer is awesome ! There are loads to talk about! oh and watched Perks of being a wallflower! .. FINALLY! *phew*  and that movie was an experience! “i feel infinite” ❤  . … okay running out of things to say in this random blog.

well this is a sad, hmm. but still, its just a post to remind people that we still alive! yolo! and awesome stuff coming up soon!! (wait for it!) 😀


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