Life’s small pleasures

“Ringgggg…” goes the alarm. Oh shit! Late already! You get out of bed and drag yourself to the bathroom. Suddenly you realize, omfg! It’s a Sunday! You jump. Hit your head in the wall, yet wearing a foolish smile on your face you crawl back to bed, hugging your pillow like it’s the most precious thing in the world.

I’m on top of the world, ay!

It is a drab day in school. The lectures don’t seem to end. Plus the fact that it’s disbelievingly hot  doesn’t help. Then you hear music…the music of the fire alarm. It’s a drill. <Enter evil smile.>

I’m on top of the world, ay!

Dinner is done. Dessert is done. Dishes are done. Everyone retires for a good night’s sleep. You get insomnia. It’s 2 am and yet you can’t sleep. You finally get up worrying about the next morning.  You casually open the fridge for a sip of water. Leftover dessert!!

I’m on top the world, ay!

Is has been pouring heavily for days. You haven’t been out in a while. Though you like the rain, it been too boring being locked up. Your younger siblings try playing a prank on you and open all your doors and windows. You think of giving them a piece of your mind. But you get distracted when the cool breeze enter. The water drench your mattress. Everything gets messy. You just smile at your siblings. But they fear for their lives at the unexpected reaction.

I’m on top of the world, ay!

Looking at them at any given point of time-



I’m on top of the world, ay!

You have been anticipating to play a new video game for ages. Finally you are free from the hassle of exams. Plus you get your hands on the game the very same day your exam ended. You start loading it. But unfortunately everything goes wrong. First your computer doesn’t start. Then when it  does start, the game takes hours loading. When the installation is finally complete you realize your internet connection is dead and the game doesn’t work without it. You give up. Return the next day thinking the same thing’s gonna happen again. But it doesn’t. And the graphics are just as promising as you thought it would be.

I’m on top of the world, ay!

You have been greeting your crush with your best smile day in and out  They don’t seem to notice you. You don’t try to do anything else even though it’s killing you inside. Then one day he/she approaches you and says the words you have always wanted to hear. 🙂

I’m on top of the world, ay!

You put into action the self-given wise words in your head- “The only good cockroach is a dead one.”

I’m on top of the world, ay!

You go to take a shower on a hot summer day. There is a new soap on the case. You peal it off slowly and take the smell of the new soap.

I’m on top of the world, ay!

There is a very serious discussion going on. Suddenly you laugh out loud for no reason. You couldn’t control it. Everyone joins in.

I’m on top of the world, ay!

You have been taking a road trip with friends. But you forgot to load the food in the car. There is no habitations for miles. Everyone is  glowering at your back. The hungry stomachs have taken its toll. Then you drive past a tiny tea shop.

I’m on top of the world, ay!

Listening to this song-

On top of the world-Imagine dragons



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