Admiring split ends

Split Ends

I am supposedly very fortunate to not suffer from split ends which are not only a distress for girls all over the world; it is also a thing of extreme obsession. Girls who dream of long hair are unable to achieve their ‘goal’. Thank you very much split ends. Most of you probably spend a lot of  time, energy and money on hair products. So the hair industry is blooming. Thank you very much split ends. Again.

I heard of these infamous split ends but never really got a chance of observing them. You ask why? I don’t get split ends remember? So you hate me you say?  Now that is no reason to hate me. And there is no secret to this amazing phenomenon. Its just that some of us are exceptionally blessed you  see.  It is totally a genetic makeup mantra. This mantra has on the other hand given me sensitive skin. Now that’s really amazing don’t you think? Not.

Recently someone I know (designation omitted in fear of getting murdered whilst sleeping) was obsessing over her hair. Sorting out the strands one by one and cutting them off. Uhh…looked like it was going to take a million years. Cutting one hair at a time is not really the brightest thing in the world.

Anyhow, i got really interested. Please. That doesn’t make me eccentric. It makes me an intellectually curious person. I know I know, I am being a snob. Well bloggers end up being totally full of themselves. Nathan Badly might be rubbing off on me.

So after noticing the split ends I might have shouted out loud to let me see. Also I might  have kind of jumped in excitement when i saw that the hair follicle actually splits perfectly. She on the other hand was looking at me, mouth hanging open and scissor suspended in mid air. Well… the jumping and shouting over split ends will make anyone think the person to be..err..not bright. Oh come on.  Don’t roll your eyes. I said I might have. That doesn’t mean i actually did it. Or maybe it does. Anyways, that kind of thing sometimes can blow your mind. Aren’t you excited when you see the colourful stones in a river or the shape of bugs bunny forming in the clouds? No? Right. I am the freak.

Well I can give you some advise on hair as I am an expert in managing a curly mass of hair day in and day out. But I won’t. Not because I am in a selfish mood right now but  because if anyone of you loose any of those precious dead cells for hair of  yours, it would put me in an extreme delicate position. Like execution by marines . Or worse, I have to live eating bananas for the rest of my life. For all we know, you may steal all my food supply and leave only the bananas due to my innocent advise on dismantling hair. Why bananas? Hello! Its just an example! You never know how the nuts and bolts of a mind might work. Specially after loosing all hair. After all hair’s the most precious accessory of a girl right? To some extent at the very least. You know in India, most men prefer the long straight boring hair on his girl as opposed to a chic pixie cut or the uncontrollable yet fine curls? It’s a fact and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. But that’s another story.

Look at her.

Look at her.




And her

And her


Yes, they are obsessed. -_-“




3 responses to “Admiring split ends

    • Well. Thank you kind blogger! And yeah you are right on in-the-being-not-alone-part. Cuz we NamrataD and NamrataB are the curly burly sisters.:P

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