Honey, I shrunk the books

Where do I put them now??

Where do I put them now??

Okay honey I did not really shrink the books. Apparently my brain waves did. Those waves you see, altered my long term memory with my short term memory and made the big volumes look tiny. Not the kind of tiny you might be thinking. Obviously with the word tiny you are thinking very very compact-size-fits-in-pocket-tiny. Oh please not that tiny. How can it be that tiny? It’s physically not possible. Its just that it shrunk. In my mind and probably some other minds too. How would I know which other minds? I just wanted to specify that by tiny and brain waves i meant… Okay stop. I think it’s better for everyone if I start from the beginning. Oh you agree? Good.

  I wasn’t much of a reader up until the fifth grade. Well I don’t really know what I was till then. Jobless most probably . Oh wait! I am still jobless. Consistency huh?

That year over the summer we got an assignment to read The Diary of Anne Frank and write a book review on it. In my mind, the book was humongous! I was like how can she expect us to read so much? I finally became sure that the teachers were evil, conspiring against us. Couldn’t they have just left our summers alone? As if the school books were not enough. Now they were giving us this? Plus she was making everyone, I mean everyone read that poor girl’s diary. Who does that? At least I knew that we are not supposed to read other’s diary! Teachers should know that! Outrageous I say!

 Reluctantly, I had to give it a try. The worse that could happen was that I drool over the pages. At least then I could show my teacher that as proof. I would definitely require proof since my book review would be  eaten by snakes(go snakes!) for which I couldn’t turn it in. The least I could do was show my drool. That would be proof enough. She could even test it and knock herself out in the chemistry lab if she wanted. It would be proof and a direct ticket to funnn for the teacher. Everyone wins! Genius eh?

 But then  I couldn’t offer her any fun(Sorry ma’am). I ended up finding myself hooked to the book. I loved it so much that I went ahead and read about the Nazis in my History textbook ahead of everyone else. The first signs of a nerd in making.

 Slowly my reading developed and I made it a habit of reading at least two books per month. One day I got hold of the Harry Potter series in the library. Oh my, who can stop after that? It’s the best damn thing  and it can never get old. I totally lost myself in Hogwarts. Little did I know that I had become a little Hermione in myself(beat that!) though less brain oriented. I only read fiction much to the disdain of my parents. That’s a thing with parents. You don’t read and it’s a problem. You do read and that’s a problem too(okay, maybe reading too much is a problem and not reading in itself, but we are not going into that right now i.e. I mean I am right).

The books written by Dan Brown are some of my other favourites. I eagerly waited long for The Lost Symbol after reading Angels and Demons and  The Da Vinci Code. I just love those crypts! Plus it gave me so much scope to find out new things like the workings of Vatican and about the Louvre museum. Also the character Vittoria in Angels and demons can be a role model being a biophysicist and all. Now how cool is that?

Deception Point and Digital Fortress were enjoyable  too. They provide a contrast to the witty fun reads of Meg Cabot. In my spare time I always turn to Meg Cabot. Her books are fun and it always takes my mind off my routine work. But then my hunger for books started drawing me to the larger ones. The bigger the book was, the happier I would get. Like the Inheritance Cycle and LOTR. Nerd remember?

Another great series is Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus. Way to go greek gods! You guys are really crazy. Now please don’t fry me with the master bolt.

Recently I was going through my bookshelf and I found myself holding The Diary of Anne Frank. It looked so little that I had a hard time believing my eyes. How could perception change the size of a book? Even The da Vince Code looked little. I can finish it in just two days now. It looked like the book had literally shrunk. When I first read The Immortals of Maluha by Amish, it seemed big. But now compared to The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras, it seems tiny. It’s funny how our mind works. When I get a book for the first time, it seems huge.     I take in the new smell of the pages and smile. Later that same book looks tiny. I take the smell of the old book and smile. How the same thing can have so very different and yet the same affect over time.

Any task at the beginning seems too hard to handle. But after going through it once everything seems easy. The Dan Brown books seem too small now. So small that I sometimes miss it though it may be lying in front of me. Contradictory, the study references never shrink. Never!pssht.

 At the moment my entire bookshelf seems shrunken. Oh me gois! Someone fired a shrink ray in my room! Oh no no sorry. Sometimes I forget I am writing serious mind blogging stuff. Brain wanders you see. You don’t see? Pooh… You guys are useless.

So ultimately the thing is this. Books big when reading for the first time. Books shrink when reading lets say for the sixth time. Thanks for bearing through all that. Xoxo

Life's incomplete without books!!..

Life’s incomplete without books!!..



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