Change and the world will change for you


No one can stop a change from taking place. Even before life started on earth, changes occurred which enabled to create conditions for life. As humankind developed into a race of intelligence, our thinking started shaping the world as we know it. As Albert Einstein said, ‘The world as we have created is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.’ Now even the illustrious Einstein has to confront a change with new developments in the field of science challenging his relativity theory. We are in the verge of finding something that is even faster than light!

The question now arises is that what kind of change do we want in this modern world? The compassion of great leaders and philosophers has facilitated us to stand in a place like this. But the world is not nearly as perfect as we might want it to be. This is because everyone thinks of changing the world, no one thinks of changing themselves, which is a major flaw in our part.

So going with Einstein’s quote we can safely say that to create a world of our liking we need to change ourselves first.

It is not about what kind of change we want; it is about how we want the change to occur. A major social change has occurred from feudalism towards capitalism. Movements like women’s suffrage movement have also bought about changes to give equal rights to everyone. Change may be driven by religion, culture, economic and scientific forces.  But the major driving force behind it is the thinking of people. Without individual effort nothing would have changed. Maybe we would still be living in woods!

This is a world of ‘tit for tat’. We get only what we do. Call it karma or the mysteries of nature. People should treat others only in the way they wish to be treated. Would anyone have respected and loved Mother Teresa if she wasn’t so kind and helpful? Everyone treated her the same way she treated others. She created a sense of hospitality. We need to take her example and treat others benevolently.

There are times when one might be annoyed with the people around them. This then results in complains and backstabbing. It creates insecurity for the person and also affects the environment around them. Many friendships are broken due to misunderstandings and later due to refusal of letting down one’s dignity to even apologize. This is the place where we need to change. We need to empathize with others and sort out the matter by ourselves.

People treat different people differently. The feelings towards a real and an apparently fake person is different. One might love to stay with a person just for their goodness. On the other hand, no matter how persistent or helpful the other type of person is, they repel acquaintances just because of their behavior. No one likes an angry or a moody person. People tend to behave in the same way as he or she tends to act.

Societies cannot change without its people changing. Even if a society changes its rules but the people tend to behave in the same manner then a societal change will not occur. To bring a lasting change in the world, all the people need to change.

Corruption is a pressing issue in today’s world. Anna Hazara fought to wipe out corruption. But is it possible to fight corruption if the people do not have the heart to bring about a change? Did this change occur? Where is the fight now? Some days ago this was the most heated discussion in every turn in the road. Now where has this disappeared? Do people not desire this change?

Neotic science is concerned with the power of mind and intellect. It will work only when all the individual minds strive for it. When people change they bring about a positive vibe to change the world.

Our actions do speak louder than words. To fight against global warming and deforestation, we need to start changing our lifestyle. We need to recycle and reduce our carbon footprint. Other people will start following the same values and slowly the world will change for you. One individual’s effort can bring about a huge change in this world. Also it happens that when we start viewing the world differently, by changing ourselves, it seems that everything has changed without even us trying to do anything.

If someone is unhappy with the current status of the world, all they have to do is change themselves and see the magic unveil as everything around changes. For a healthy society people should try changing just the way they want the environment around them to change. Of course, this should happen without losing one’s identity. Sometimes it is said that change is not always for the good. But what would have happened if the transition from the ancient to the modern times had not taken place? We require a change where the old morals and values remain intact and make way for new ideas and inspiration. It is always a good idea to set up a goal as to in what way we need to change. If we have a role model or an aim, we can strive to live up to that and complete our metamorphosis.

We all need a change in life at times. We need to make new friends, we need to meet new people and we need to actively participate. So a positive feedback will come towards us if we have an understanding of the world and change accordingly. Change is so easy to come. But it is with our optimistic attitude that a positive change will come into being. We need to shape ourselves to that idealistic self in our minds eye. If we can change ourselves the world will reward us by changing.


Do feel free to put up your thoughts on change. Is it desirable? What kind of change should be there? How can changing oneself change the world??


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