Recalling a true experience

This is something I had experienced like a long time back and had made an entry in my journal. I thought of sharing it in here. Hope you can answer my questions in the end.


On the day of Vishwakarma Puja 2011, I started my day by cleaning the mess in my room. Since my Term Test-I was over in August, I had just stacked all my books without touching them. My clothes lay everywhere. I had somehow managed to pass my days by at least making my bed. So on September the eighteenth, I decided to clean up. Every year Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated in my flat. All the cars are washed up, the Panditji does the puja and my mom shouts at me to bathe in the early hours of the morning. By my standards I woke up early that day and started dusting my table and books, arranged my wardrobe neatly and made my bed. When I think of it now, apparently I had lost my mental state when I considered that there might be a snake under my bed which I needed to take out. Well tell me, where will a snake come from in the second floor of a building? Maybe the latest book that I was reading-‘The immortals of Meluha’, about Shiva and the Naga(snake) people had got into my head. So I bent down to search for any potential snakes when I bumped my head. I realized that I was way too big to hide under my bed anymore and couldn’t hide under it if an earthquake struck.

Now I had another task at hand- find a place to stand when an earthquake wallops. Cleaning forgotten, I began my new research. Under the bed was so out of the option. The pillar around which my wardrobe is was a good choice but it was on the outer wall, so if the wall fell off, I might go down with it (eh. Depressing!). Under my table? What a bad choice!  So at last I got my place, near the doorframe. All the doors from the sixth to the first floor were in that exact position. It provide a strong framework, it was not going to collapse easily unless of course the whole building comes down. Then no one’s got a choice right?

The only thing that I hoped for was that my parents should be home if an earthquake ever strikes unlike last time when I and my sister were home alone and the quake reached six pointers.

As the day continued, all of my explorations were forgotten (oops! I wasted yet another day with my inconsequential hunt) and I went along with my family to the puja downstairs. After having a blissful day and a full tummy, I came home. After reading a book for an hour or so I went to sleep . . .

I woke up with a start and found my bed shaking. For a moment I thought my sister was trying to wake me up. But nix, it was an earthquake! Gosh! All the memories of the morning came rushing back to me.  I went to wait under my chosen place.  My sister came out of her room and we both sat under the doorframe. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like déjà vu. On top of that, my parents had gone out. Good Lord, why again? This was the worst earthquake ever! The building wobbled so hard that I thought that we were going to die. It was shaking so badly that the computer almost fell off.  I freaked out more because of the fact that I had thought about it in the morning. The fact that we might have died in the quake was more severe but that was just secondary to me. I was contemplating on the matter of my morning’s course of action. This was the strangest feeling that I experienced till now. After the tremor had subsided, we went down. Many were panicking but all seemed well. This seemed to be my first near death experiences or at least my first eerie encounter of my life.

The earthquake reached 6.8 on the Richter scale. There were some casualty near the epicenter—Nepal and Sikkim.

Later I kept wondering whether intuitions are really true. I don’t believe in fortune telling or things like that but maybe animal instincts may come handy at times. Or does neotic science work in strange ways? Did the earthquake strike because I thought about it or did I get some pre warning about it? This can’t be it as I am no Noah from ‘Noah’s ark’. Maybe I am reading too much between the lines and it was just a coincidence?




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