Twenty Nine sweet Tooth(es) and Counting.

It happened just like they show in the movies. When you see your true love for the first time, every other being cease to exist. It may be a big crowd but you exist only with the one. The imaginary spotlight focuses with full power on the one you love (sometimes even multicolored).

This is what happened to me when I caught sight of…well…that heavenly desert table in Mainland China. Every item glowed in the dim room. Music played in my ears (probably something sung by Adam Gontier) and I caught the scent of dark chocolate whilst I ran for the table laden with pure elixir.

I am flying towards you!! wooo…

And thus, the third attempt to cut out my sweets was flushed down the toilet. Time to drown in some self pity. Why? Why?! This shouldn’t have happened again. All that hard work and sweating like a pig went in vain just as I gobbled up on my second helping of vanilla ice-cream mixed with chocolate mousse and sided with freshly cut pieces of watermelon and mango. But that was not the end of it. I had to go ahead and garnish it with chocolate sauce, almonds and cherries.

End result? This bought back the calories I had burnt the past week. Ah well…some more chocolate chips won’t harm right? They are looking lonely sitting there…

It seems I have a sweet tooth. A big one really. So sue me. There was no need for my best friend to show ‘the big eyes’ when I grabbed some more pieces of chocolate chips.


Let me start at the beginning. The reason I had sworn off sweets was not because I wanted to diet. As if that was even possible and I have pretty much given the job of weight control to my metabolism (please be good for a couple more years!). It was due to the fact that I had to go through a seriously sucky hangover. No. Not the liquor kind (god forbid! If  I do that, I’ll get hanged by my mom) ….just the sugar rush kind. One evening I came home and dug into all the things I found in the refrigerator. It was in no way my fault… okay maybe it was. Just a little bit (Someone should have just locked the fridge. Duh!).  But when everything looks just so perfect and sugary what a girl gotta do? After all, there was a big piece of pastry with blueberries on top and a really moist apple pie which I could either top it with some exotic ice-cream or whip cream. I went for the ice-cream of course. All these stuff went down my throat in one go and leading to..err.. extreme chirpiness and finally to nausea and pretty darn headache.  On the positive side, I did not throw up.


try resisting this..

I did control my sugar intake after that. I maintained it for about a month (a little pat in the back would be appreciated). But then came home dad taking a big leave from work. And we all know what happens when daddy comes home to his girls. It’s all about forgetting the rules. And in my case forgetting that I had a pledge to keep. Ended up eating a number of candies, cakes and what not which my dad had promptly bought for me. I came to the realization of my horrible sin only after I had taken a lot more that the body can take. I broke my promise which led to some delicate cursing(in my head). But then I cut myself some slack after a few days as it was only a onetime thing and who doesn’t make mistakes? We are supposed to learn from them isn’t it? Every nerve in my body agreed to this (nod nod). I just had to take notice now of what I was eating for avoiding another disaster. After that I kept my promise for a very long time.

I swear! I kept it for..err… five days.

But I was going through some really arduous things at that time. I was all depressed about well…everything. So when my friend offered me some strawberry ice-cream, I couldn’t resist. Plus it took away all my problems (for a wee bit time anyways). This was the second time I broke my promise. So sue me again if you want. It’s not like I break all promises everyday!

And we all know what happened the third time round. Ultimately the big conclusion to my state. I cannot cut out on my desserts. It is impossible and don’t even think of giving me a lecture about i-am-possible ( well…you weren’t going to anyways. I guess). They are the love of my life. I am never going to be able to control this craving. Leading to blowing up like a balloon, as my mom puts it.

Doesn’t always a plate of sweet treats look like heaven? All my fellow sweet tooth-ers will understand. We are entirely on the same page.

A treat for the eyes

DISCLAIMER:  No one should be in the impression that the writer cannot follow her own word. The above instances are purely frictional and in no way related to the writer. Hopefully.


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