Unconciously Buzy



There are times when you must think that you are not doing a single thing. It may seem like you are just sitting idle and not engaging in any activity. Also at time when you are talking to someone or maybe just listening to a lecture in a classroom, your focus in on that particular event. But it is never true.

One way or the other, you are unconsciously busy doing something. We sometimes notice this. Like for example you are talking with someone and are really nervous about it. Then is when you might notice you are fidgeting with something. Like twirling your hair or scraping the ends of a wooden table.  So when you got nothing to do, just sit back and observe. It gets really funny at times.

Here are some observations on what people do unconsciously and gradually it becomes a habit—

Biting of nails: There’s a guy in our class that goes on biting his nails all the time specially while talking to someone. Ugh. Can’t imagine what his state of nails will be! Definitely U-G-L-Y!

Twirling of hair:  Okay. Some guys go gaga when a girl does that (you know—flirting?). But it should remain as twirling. Not become a habit of pulling hair resulting in trichotillomania (It is an OCD that makes someone to pull out their hair when in anxiety—serious problem!).

Playing with a pen:Ahhh ever so common! Whether you are bored , or just jobless. . It’s the thing to do!

Doodling on a paper when talking over the phone: yeah you can notice people doing  that almost always! (I.e whenever they have paper around when they are on the phone)

Scraping with nails: That is I think unique to our class. . . Because of it (taking the nails out for scraping purposes) the desks have come off their bases :/

Looking behind your back in the open: There is nothing there! Just chill!

Catching yourself singing that annoying song that you heard somewhere: that is not exactly an annoying trait. . But still.

Ummm…picking nose?


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