Petty things to Pity

Better late than never. This is our attendance to the first ‘blog party’ (actually never heard of it before). And YAY! Its is a Pity Party! By- The Hobbler

Bellyache of Namrata D-

Hmmm….whining. Good enough for me.

1) It is my maths midterms next Thursday. Preparation= zero. Interest= negative integer (And here I an attending a Pity Party).

Ref-Top 10 reasons why I should stop studying math.

And the most sad thing? I can’t stop whining about it even though my friends are definitely may be corny listening to me.

2) I am the biggest disaster ever! It was so unfortunate yesterday. Firstly I spilled water all over in my classroom, then broke someone’s pen (look at my strength! muwahahaha..). Also while coming down the stairs, my bag tore off and all my books were scattered. YAY! Lucky day! Not.

3)The internet problem continues. All my movie downloads were unsuccessful. Net sucks! (Que-gasp.)

4) I am a big dumbo! My ‘wing girl’ seems to do a lot! But I can’t follow her advice or is too stupid to help myself. Also tongue-tied almost every time I….Never mind.

5) My ipod became bad just when I had downloaded some really good songs. What’s worse? Don’t have any backup! Also computer hard drive storage-nil.

6) Nobody seem to understand my fetish for deserts and chocolates. Whatever I get is just not enough. And thus, bye bye to a tight tummy.

7) Sometimes I so want to dance and have fun in parties. But too shy to do so. Why? Why? Why!?

8) I am too shy to do anything for that matter in public.

9) I am wayyy to emotional and react defensively to criticism, fret too much over small things, can’t seem to forget the past and want everything to be perfect! (super duper case of OCD i guess)…. okay,maybe I made that up.

10) Reading the above reasons and comparing it with the world wide problems of poverty and flood and disasters and whatnot, it seems like I don’t have any proper thing to whine about. Consequently it makes me a loser in even a pity party.

Bellyache of Namrata B-

Waao, cant believe there are people interested to hear people whine! . . But I am glad, now I can spread my depression (muahahaha).

1) I don’t think I really have that many *friends* . . I mean of course I have those crazy people who understands you and kind of with whom you share your crazy ideas (one of them is my namesake Namrata D). But i meant those “hi,how are you” end of conversation friends. (don’t know why I need them though)

2) I m a social disaster!! That’s it! I said it out loud.

3) I wonder why my life is not a manga/ movie. Where you always find true love, always become popular in the end and almost ALWAYS seem to make the right decision! For me its. . *omg, i cant talk to him* ; * ahh couldn’t care less about popularity, its creepy, people you don’t know  you (ahhh i m so weirddd)* and * why the hell did i make that decision!!*

4) RYAN does not exist (P.S he is my  anime perfect guy. . And all you need to know is-he is frictional)

5)I m not THAT emotional. . Frankly too much emotion scares me. I think there is a logical explanation to everything (except ghosts and superpowers) and you just need to except that and move on.. . Hmm which I myself fail to do most of the time (can’t blame me-m only human )

6) I can Never work through a resolution I made. I mean it’s like a habit of mine-procrastination that is. Ahhh wish I didn’t though. I end up running for my life at the last moment (like finishing the entire syllabus in 1 day when you got 5 days study break)

7)I Get addicted very easily. Well not drugs or intoxication but like – finishing the 3 seasons of “the inbetweeners” in one day. ;  finishing the hunger games trilogy in 2 days ; finishing naruto in 20 days (which had over 300 chapters at that moment when I started) . I mean I can’t do/read anything else other then the things I was “addicted” to.

8). <– that looks like a smily! Haha neways yeah. . I pity myself because. . Hmmm I am REALLY BAD at spelling ! And my friends know it. You’ll know by this instance

(scene– biology examination. Me sitting in front of namrata D)

Me: namrata. Psst.  Giv an example of terrestrial weed.

D: huh?

Me: name of terrestrial WEED!!

D: *spells out* “t-e-r-r-e-s-t-r-i-a-l”

Me: . . . . .   (-_-“)

Well I have to admit I *did* ask her spellings once or twice.

9) I Always miss the good movies because of examinations!!!  Like I missed -1) expandables 2 2) the odd life of Timothy green etc. . :/

10) ahhhh whats more pity  able then writing about the things I pity  myself for???

Oh wait. . Maybe there is.  Putting up with 5 texts per day when you have phone-o-phobia (I invented the term as I really m uncomfortable talking on the phone)


11 responses to “Petty things to Pity

    • Haha, seeing that this is a pity party, I shouldn’t chuckle but you girls are terrific. I could relate to so many points especially the “I wonder why my life is not a manga/ movie. Where you always find true love, always become popular in the end and almost ALWAYS seem to make the right decision” – Yeah, you’re not alone in this. Sigh.

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