Cave girls.

Early men: we don’t need to define the them, everyone knows who they were. . Its like “DUH!”

But something unfamiliar. . Ever heard of urban Cave Girls ?? They are famous here man!

Today you are going to learn something new!

Today you are going to learn something new!

Well most probably you haven’t because that’s something we invented ( so origi-naals we are!) . You will fall in that category if you ever had to go through these circumstances:-
1) Had to stay more than a  week without Internet. The ever informative, the ever entertaining, greatest of the greatest- Internet! Then you get it for like one day. . and it kind of goes away again -_-”
2) Had to put up with just five texts a day!!
3) Your movie stock was depleting…like three movies a day.

4) You had exams, so hellhounds your parents are guarding the door , so that you can’t go anywhere. You get the stink eye even when you get out to pee. Come on!

Sound bad? That’s not the end! You get to eat only healthy food(which translates to yucky food)-exams remember?. Don’t ask. Some weird new notion of parents.

God forbid anyone else to suffer like us!
Aahh the paaainn! The cruelness of the world! They day they cut the number of texts to five texts per day ( till 31 august because of some wild-fire-rumour-through-mass-messaging problem in our country) . Our texts went kind of this way- well, all of us accustomed to unlimited texting we kinda send complete nonsense at times. Not bothering even if it bores the hell out of the other person has no purpose.(Teenage stuff) See link-

Alie: hey!
Bonnie: HEY! watchaaaa doing?
Alie: bored :/. So you din tell me at school about that thing you were supposed to say!
Bonnie: Oh yeah . I forgot! 😛 OOOhh Miss World going on. India first in semi finals! Fingers crossed!
Alie: Obviously you forgot! Its *you* we are talking about here! So what’s her name? The girl in Miss world?
Bonnie: LoL! you’ll never know! Eh I donno her name.
Alie: XD. WHAT happened? And you don’t even know the name of the girl you are crossing your fingers for?
Alie:By the way, text n tell, cant talk on phone right now!
Bonnie: ookay!! Hope you have time! Cause its really long! And I i dunno how you din know about it! Btw why would I need the name. It just gotta be India man!

#Notice the two simultaneous conversation in one test.

Alie: Yeah!! Well i was absent the previous day, now SPILL!
*message not delivered*


*message not delivered*

Alie cant figure out what was wrong (maybe the cell broke or something) -frustrated-

Notification- you have used your 5 messages limit for today as per the DOT ban on mass messaging.



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