My cute encounter.

Well encounters maybe of various types. . Maybe awkward, horrible, happy, sweet but this post is about a cute one that i had.

It was a monday, and school opened after the weekend break. Not much fun. . Plus it was about 40 degree C outside so you can very well imagine we were not really having the time of our lives in our classes at school. We did not even feel energetic enough to talk with each other , let alone concentrate in the class. Finally it was time to go home!

We had our dispersal assemblies,-which get so crowded that you feel like you might get a heat stroke- and finally made our way to our buses. . . Where you have to -almost always- find places to sit by displacing others (usually juniors) 😛

Finally reached home!! Almost all of my energy was gone, i just wanted to get home, BATHE and then take a nap. But then i saw it. . Its was the cutest thing ever! Atleast it was for me at that moment with it tiny pink nose and extremely cute whiskers and big emerald eyes!!! Yes , i m talking about a kitten! Its was the cutest encounter ever after the horrifyingly uneventful day i had! Ahhhh. . .it seemed hungry, so i could not just leave it there , so i brought it home.

It was so cute! I could totally imagine it being my pet! So i decided to ask my parents if i could keep it!

But unfortunately my parents are not that big fans of stray animals , so i just got the permission to feed it. After which they kind of freaked out explaing about germs and other problems that it might have had . . *sigh*–parents (-_-)”..

I couldnt keep it, so i had to find a place for it. . And i had huge help from my neighbour(older person) . He said he will take care of it untill we find someone. .
Isn’t that awesome? Now I get to see the little guy everyday! :



P.S visit the link if you want to see the picture of the kitten!


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