Tale of the little girl

Mary Ann loved listening to music. She could listen to music all day long and always daydream about her happy place. She was a very calm and serene girl (that is what everyone called her anyways!). She always liked to do her own thing. Not under the control of anyone, an independent girl, she grew up in her own pace, but eventually started having some problems. She could not understand what was happening with her life. Even though she had loving parents and trustworthy friends, she felt like she had no control over her life. She had a perfectionist image, but now it had become very hard to keep up with it. It was as if everyone had very high expectations from her. Her studies were getting harder and with a bit low marks, she would panic. She could not put aside the thought that she had to make her parents happy. She felt the pressure of peers. She felt like she did not have the courage to compete with them. She did not even talk to anyone about this. Keeping everything to herself was killing her from inside but she did not know that. With her frustration of not able to do anything, she started having angry outbursts. She hated being angry. She did not like it but what else could she do when everyone was bugging her. Couldn’t everyone just leave her alone? What she did not realize is that she had everything in life. All she felt was misery. Therefore, she started getting sick for no particular reason. She had also lost her imagination. All she did was what her parents, teachers and friends told her to do. She had practically become a robot with no passion, no reason to enjoy herself. All she did was try to fit in. She did fit in, all right but that was not her happy place……


Happy place?


Yes! She remembered her happy place one day! So she rushed to her computer and opened her music file and the file was right there, ready to be opened. She listened to all the songs that day. That made her so happy; she got back her soul, her reason to enjoy her life. She was not much of a singer but admired all the singers alive. Her head became clear and then realized that she could live her life back again.

No one realized what had happened to her. No one could see it because it was her mind and heart that had changed, that’s all. She realized that she could be the way she is and everyone will accept her the same way.

Even now, she is living with all the many problems. It still bothers her. Now she has a companion to live with all her life. It is not her mom, dad or her friends. It is just her passion. Her passion for music. Maybe she’ll make her own music some day. Until then Mary Ann will live on…


A message from Mary Ann:

“You all have a passion for something. Many might know it but the one who do not, just close your eyes and realize the real you. Know yourself and you will get your passion. It is with that with whom you are going to spend your life and you know that life is not easy.”


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