Living in a bias society.

The populace utter.


Plush, pure and weak.

The deity of the home, the goddess of fertility.


Strong and brave.

The protector of all, bringer of good, the true followers of divinity.


When comes the time to prove devotion,

The Man turns the other side.

When comes the time to be the savior,

The Man, scared for his own existence, turns a blind eye.

When comes the time to bring good,

The Man forgets the meaning of good.

The woman, still caged, warned and stated vulnerable.

The one who exhibit gallantry, the liberal.

Are given the evil eye,

Sent as outcast.

But who gave one the right?

Who gave one the power?

Who gave one the nerve?

To decide this norm?


This is for all the women in the world, all the girls who feel that injustice has been done.. Somewhere. Sometime.

Last week an unfortunate event took place in  Assam(India). A gang of people molested a girl in front of the camera after she allegedly slapped a guy in the pub because of eve-teasing. Apparently, it hurt the ‘ego’ of the guy as to why anyone can (especially a girl) can hit him. So the gang went ahead and molested the girl while a journalist instead of saving the girl, filmed the whole thing for news. The onlookers were of no help in the whole situation.

The people associated with it need to be severely punished. Several youth groups and women’s association is involved in giving the girl justice.

Justice must be served but is this really going to help the girl? What about the trauma for the rest of her life? Who is going to compensate for that? The crime rates against women is increasing by the minute and nothing is ever being done.

Some say and I quote, ” The case is going way out of proportions and people are over reacting. Because more than a thousand rapes take place every year.”

Oh right. This is the excuse for the case. As the rapes are more everywhere else, molestation is nothing. Just because one case has come into view and people are standing up for the cause, its the time to make up BS excuses. Other excuses are clothing of women, that invite men. I mean, seriously?

It is high time for women to stop relying on men. Women need to take care of other women and not stop until every crime against women is wiped out. The people involved in the crimes should be hanged or worse… tortured.

Women has to stop being weak and vulnerable, physically and mentally. And the society’s standard of domestication of women should be thrown down the drain. The real freedom is yet to come.


4 responses to “Living in a bias society.

  1. good….now im hearing diff stories thou. watever may be, no right of those men to molest her like dat…n hey d onlookers werent just staring…they were participating!!! losers!

  2. This post just made me so angry, those barbarians! It makes me sick to the stomach that such people exists among us in the society. I hope the rapists die a very painful death.

    Whoever said that, “The case is going way out of proportions and people are over reacting. Because more than a thousand rapes take place every year.” is apparently a huge asshole and/or doesn’t realize the severity and consequences of rape. We’re talking about a person here, a living, breathing human being whose entire life would never be the same because of what has been done to them.
    I’m so glad that people like you are out there who know how important women empowerment is to this world and to one individual. Let’s hope that things will get better and more power to women!

    • So true… At times like this we realize that.

      The people involved in this were arrested but we got no further news. They made a whole big deal of this issue but what people want to know is how has the law punished these criminals, we get nothing….no news … idea what’s happening..

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