Humans: The weakest species on Earth

 Homo sapiens sapiens, meaning the ‘wisest of the wise’, is the scientific name for the human race.  Though our ancestor, Homo sapiens fossilis had a brain with more mass, we with lesser mass and the most recently evolved (if you call 25000 years recent) are considered wiser what with more intellectuality. We are yet on the process of evolution. We are getting more attached with our mind and its inventions. Our lives are getting more hectic and diligent. Also we are becoming more sedentary, enjoying life’s small pleasures. And the new cultural changes demands it too.

Physically speaking we are the weakest species of all. Out of a population of more than six billion, only a few can still strive being one with nature (read hunger games, you’ll know how difficult life gets…or maybe you already have the experience?). They are either trained or adapted. But if we put a normal, mediocre human being stranded on an island, let’s just say..umm…he won’t survive like Robinson Crusoe. (if it was us, frankly we would be more concerned about having no cell phone connectivity and internet rather than finding food!)

We neither have the immunity of a bacterium to survive in extreme conditions nor the ferocity or strength in our arms to fight like a lion. But we can take down everything-one would say. We have reached the highest peaks, we have unearthed every metal and we have survived many odds. Yes. We truly have. But that is not the point of the discussion. We have survived only because of our mind. It is our mind that has let us strive this long. We won’t even last a day without our wise brain-so to say.


Some animals were gifted with tough jaws, some with sharp claws, and some with tremendous strength to lift but….. we got the brain.

We use tools, tools that have made us masters of the world. If you clearly think about it we can do nothing without a tool. And by tool here we mean any kind of instrument, any device, implement or means to do work with. Medicines can be considered tools too as they help us live longer.  What is the thing you do not do with a tool? Did you find anything? If so, please inform us.

If we are left in a jungle, we have the presence of mind to seek shelter and make weapons. We have the knowledge and skill to differentiate between poison and food and to make fire. We have the instinct of survival like all other animals. But just for a moment let us remove the intelligence. Let us assume we have only the basic instinct—survival and hunger.

Now where does that put us? Can we fight against beasts? Can we hunt for food? Without our tools, how will we? We do not have the hands for it. Will our nails—those tiny fragments—come to our aid? You might be thinking about using a stick that has been sharpened and of using ropes and stones. But there they are again—tools. Unless of course you are superman- or any other hero/villain with superpowers (the point which is not relevant here).

fast and furious

strongest jaw

So we are still evolving. The race is slowly but surely becoming shorter and the size of the head is increasing (if our observations are correct). Maybe we are entering a new phase where we have something like ‘wiser than the wisest’. That would mean we may be on the verge of entering a world filled with only our tools. With the power of the brain we may create a world where we can truly be the masters.

We may be blinded by the fact that we are the strongest. But how can this be strength? We have weapons, yes. We have technology, yes. But how is this strength? We may use these weapons to show our stature over what we call ‘mindless’ animals. Even that failed in the movie The Rise of the Planet of Apes. Or we may even try to show our strength over each other. But is that real strength?

In fact, we are so weak that we are giving away to our pleasures every day. We are letting our own mind destroy us. Our own enzymes are starting to work against us. We are becoming too attached to our tools letting to the destruction of nature. We want everything to be fast. We want everything to happen in one generation. Our motto has become—quick, quick and quick. And we are even following our motto in this rare occasion.  In just a decade, our advancements have been outstanding. Just a few years back we had a poor link over different parts of the world. Now we can contact someone on the other side of the world in just seconds. Soon it might lead to connections on different planets (Teleportations- can’t wait for that to happen). But we will still be weak. One small mistake, one tiny crick can bring the entire system down.

Even with over population, we are endangered. Endangered by our own tools. Endangered by our own brain. Like for example, one minor flaw in a nuclear plant may wipe us out. One minor misunderstanding between countries may evolve into World War III. Not to forget Nature’s fury—21 December 2012—if it’s true.

The cockroach, which has zero value in the world and which has hardly evolved, has a better chance of survival than us. So where does that leave us? It leaves us as the weakest species unless we train our only weapon, our only hope—our mind.

beautiful on the outside, deadly on the inside

The most useful tool of all: making humans mighty and yet weak


13 responses to “Humans: The weakest species on Earth

  1. I just watched the new Spiderman movie and the villain of the movie makes a similar observation on how human beings are psychically very pathetic beings.
    To be honest, I think our mind is easily the most strongest weapon, and this strength comes with fear. It’s a pretty scary thought that we are able to kill each other only just by using our heads – hey, after all, the atomic bomb was also just a mere formula in the beginning.

  2. And also who is the best at long distances? Humans (high level of stamina)
    Who is the most dexterous? Humans
    Who has the best throwing abilities? Well, humans not chimps or gorillas. And there are many stories of humans fighting bears or wrestling crocodiles…who are you calling weak?

    • Well.. That was not exactly the point. The point was that we are easy at giving in. We do have the biggest thing- brain.
      And how many has ever fought bears and crocodiles? It is not speaking about a few people. Suppose we do not have the brain like we actually do, then what? What are the factors we carry?? We are really strong for real but we did all the thinking after excluding some things. Where is the natural instint? Is it still available today?

  3. That turtle with the strongest jaw can be easily kicked by a small child. And cheetahs have extremely low endurance levels, not to mention how puny and weak they are compared to lions and tigers,well the only thing they have is speed..and how are small rodents stronger than humans?

    • Hey kid, cheetah has ability to kill without using any tool. They can catch pray and kill it with strong teeth. They can kill hundreds of animals. Can human do it without intelligence? Without intelligence and tools you can not even catch a fish let alone antelope. Even if you find dead antelope you could not do anything to it with your small mouth and weak teeth. Not to mention you would get sick and die if you dont cook your meals

    • That turtle can survive by his own. Stronger skin, stronger immune system and can eat without cooking. But you can not survive without intelligence and tools. After 3 days you will get infected and die if you dont cook your meals

  4. There is an animal called the is weak, weaker than us, they do not have very high intelligence, they are extremely slow , have dull senses and do not even have enamel on their teeth, their claws are useless as they have very slow how did they survive longer than even humans?

    • Are you high? Do you think you are stronger than a sloth? A sloth has 10cm claws and they stay on trees to survive. Sloth has stronger immune system so bacterias on trees dont kill them. Sloth has stronger skin, trees and branches dont harm their skins to cause infection
      What would you do without intelligence? Could you climb trees and stay there 3 days? One small wound would kill you because you dont have intelligence to cure it. Animals are stronger they dont get wounded by small scratches on trees
      You have weakest skin and immune system among animals. So use your intelligence before posting animal-like comments

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