Faking it was never this funny.

friends who just cant get enough of your life!!

Well we all have friends, you maybe the geekiest person ever or the hot and happening but friendship is something everyone cherishes. There are the crazy best friends, the work friends, the friends with the same hobby.. etc etc.  But whom we find the most annoying are the ‘nosy’ friends! Well they maybe a good friend with this habit of being nosy. This is actually a post about them.

Recently we  have been doing some tutions together and there we made some new friends . . . pretty normal ones we thought. But they seemed to overly interested about one of us being single- and that is FYI being nosy if they ask you who you are texting with or say the following lines -” OMG! I cant believe you are single! Your not right? I know you keep texting him… its a secret right?? Come on! you can tell me! ” Like it is the only thing to worry about in the world!

Okay… first of all we both did not know them longer than a WEEK and secondly it was not a secret mission that should be kept a “secret” . If she was worth sharing the info with- we would  have done that!! Now back off already.

But sigh! It was so not going to happen. What is up with our lives is the only thing that seemed to be on her mind. And the fact that one of us is actually single is something out of this world!

The tutions themselves were torture enough but now we had to put up with Miss. Nosy too! Uggh!

So we made a PLAN … (after all we  *are* the smart asses.*smirk*)

Well…. here’s how our plan materialized…… It was a accidental process–but then again most awesome stuff are accidental. Heh.   So here is us texting about nothing important.. just like the rest of the world.

Di: Today was too much don’t ya thing? I meant that girl?

Bee:It surely was!!…haah *sigh* 独立行政法人日本学生支援機構

Di: Did you know one thing buttercup? I don’t understand the gibberish u sent me. You know just FYI.

Bee: Which gibberish?

Di: The Japanese stuff. [Ref. B likes Japanese manga. A lot! And keeps on blabbering about them, so most people don’t get her]

Bee: You seem to ‘not get’ a lota things these days sweetheart. -_-“

Di:I meant I can’t read Japanese!! How can I even understand that??!

Bee: Then forget about it dear. Lets talk about something else.. Though i think you should learn Japanese stuff.. its P-R-E-E-T-Y cool.

Di: Its pretty not Preety.


Di: Its preTTy not PrEEty!! Try to understand honey!!

Bee: Oh. Got it. No need for you to be so mean dear.

Di:  Sorry! 🙂

Di: Btw if someone reads our messages they are gonna think it is some guy  i am  texting to . You know with the sweetheart, buttercup, dear n what not!! (Some people so don’t get sarcasm. Like you know—-)

Bee:Yeah babe. We r so awesome together! ❤

Bee: That should convince people now. haha 🙂

Di: ummm…hmmm…So honey? Your not going to sleep?

Di: Hey got a retarded way of fun!….Let’s purposely show these kinda messages to that girl! Let’s see the reaction!….She’s way too interested man!

Bee: Yeah. Let’s do that.

And thus we started a overly romantic FAKE conversation, which continued something like this….People may think this is jobless (actually it is) or even crazy (it surely is), but  ahem, then you don’t know *PHUN* like we do.

But here are some “Rules” if you ever have the need of ‘Faking it!’

#Rule 1:

Convince your BFF to be your fake boyfriend/girlfriend. And if you had something of this kind of deal(picture below) with your friends- like us- then you don’t have to worry about convincing part- they are D-E-A-D if they don’t help you!

yeah we are that ^^^

#Rule 2:

Start text-ing. But you need to be convincing. Just for reference, here’s how some of our texts went-

Bee: I cant seem to get you off of my head! Missed me today?

Di: Babe! So much.. How can you even ask me something like that?

[Side conversation-

Di: If my real bf was this cheesy-He would get dumped real quick.

Bee: Mean! *horror*

Di: Hello? Seriously?

Bee: Seriously? Hell yeah! You are not getting sarcasm now.]

You can add on as much as you like. There is no limit to the cheesy-ness.

We have a good one for saying goodnight– I am only going to sleep so that I can see you in my dreams. Sweet dreams! Totally cheesy but people do believe it.

Psst. You can add you real fantasies of the conversation you want to have with your guy too. What will be the worst of it? You both are gonna have a blast laughing. So no bother!

#Rule 3:

Don’t forget to delete the side messages before taking it to the prey!!

#Rule 4 (and obviously the most important):

Get your friend to “accidentally” take a peek at the messages. Make sure you have a really awesome picture of a person as the contact image. Our nosy–so called friend didn’t really watch Korean movies. . .so yeah we used the cutest one of the actors(well.. not that unrealistically cute). But the way her jaw dropped when she saw the texts..  It was SO WORTH IT! muahahahaha

*evil grin*

-_-” Okay..Maybe  we overdid the evil grin a bit.. Anyways that’s just a story (true one) of the many insane ones we have. Oh and the nosy friend? She figured we would be better off without her  (smart girl). But still .. Faking it was sweet!


10 responses to “Faking it was never this funny.

  1. One word:

    Legen . . . wait for it . . . dary

    Wait, that’s three and a half/four/five (?) words.

  2. LOL! One of my friends tried the fake conversation once, it was really funny and meant to be an April Fool’s joke for one of her very persistent friend! Worked liked a charm. 😉

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