The Wishing Well

A wishing well.

Visited by all, no barriers, no caste, creed.

Telling their dreams, their wishes.

They need so less, want so much, give none.

And none come true.

There is no heart, no faith, no soul.

They take away the coins, might it come to waste.

The wishing well is now invisible

But only from their memories, forgotten.

A traveler,

lonely, laden with thirst pray.

Pray before the wishing well.

He want but only water.

No riches, no mansions, no vigor or strength

Only water.

The wishing well grants his wish.

The wish true to the heart.

The real purpose.


9 responses to “The Wishing Well

  1. Very good post. I actually just stumbled upon your current blog plus wanted to talk about which need truly enjoyed studying your own site posts. However I’ll often be following to the wesite plus I hope you actually post again in the near future.

  2. Nice Work,,,,NAM d!!!!
    P.S. I have always hated reading poems, but this one i liked. Anyways, CHEERS! 🙂

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