Common observations!! – vending machine Vs The people


Vending machines maybe a part of your everyday life, in most of the countries anyways – but not in India. It is an object of curiosity here. And this curiosity might actually kill some people out here. Pun intended.

Vending machines were introduced recently in the Terminal-3 of Delhi IGI airport, and a few days back I had my flight to Jammu from that terminal. My flight was delayed for about forty minutes and believe me there is nothing more boring than waiting, back stiff by sitting( as my parents won’t let me out of their sight). So I thought of something to keep me occupied . . . i.e. I began to observe people and the most interesting of ALL the observations was observing  people using the vending machines for the first time.

Here are some of the things that people completely ignored when using the machines :

You are supposed to read the instructions people! It is clearly written there on “how to use the machine.”

Notes are supposed to be inserted on the notes slot ad coins on the coin slot and not vise versa.

And when you insert the note.. the vending machine is meant to pull it in!! -most of  the people panicked when the vending machine did that and so they tried to pull it back ( as if to say–” heyy give my money back.. you…. you.. machine!!”)!

And lastly.. when the product drops down.. most people think they broke it or something, and they kind of walk away from it reeaaallll quiet!!

Here is an example:

A girl about 15 years old was sitting right next to me in the waiting lounge, and i could hear her mother telling her to check out the vending machine (cause it was something new, and if she pulled it off she’d be considered smart! – Indian parents mentality – don’t ask) . So she reluctantly went and -she did read the instructions btw (smart kid)-decided to buy a packet of chips! This is where the trouble-shooting starts, she puts the cash in -but its folded, and the machine does not accept folded stuff. So it pushes it back out and she again pushes it back in and again…. you get the idea, and it was as if the machine and the girl were at war. ( Hence, the title of my post. Thank you very much.)

This is where i come into picture (muahahahahaha – the Smart ass) as i go ahead and unfold the note and put it back in-  it worked( obviously)!! 😀  Kind of reminds you of super heroes doesn’t it?? *smug*

Though i think there were many more interesting  instances but it was time for my flight . And guess what? I wasn’t bored –at all. So now you know what to do when you have a delayed flight – try observing stuff, the most common thing can have the most interesting story! 🙂


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