MEMORY- Can we really trust it?

Everyone senior to us advice us all the time to listen carefully or concentrate thoroughly so that everything is always retained in our memory and we can recall it whenever wanted. But what everyone overlooks is the fact that nothing can be recalled a hundred per cent. Every time one recollects something, the memory often gets modified according to our own new knowledge or conceptions.

Now some of you must be thinking that you do remember most things that are totally correct (like your name). But can you seriously say that you are ABSOLUTELY sure that you can hundred percent trust your memory?

The following story might help you think otherwise and may help you reconsider about your memory. Something similar might have happened to you too.

“ It was a bright, beautiful morning. The birds sang melodiously and the sun’s rays peeped through the canopy of trees. Everything was perfect, just perfect. Nothing bothered us. We were bubbling with positive energy and we just knew that everything would end up wonderful that day.




Well…It would have been wonderful. The morning was so calming that all of us present in the scenery were on the verge of third degree migraine with Hinata yelling at the top of her voice, face bright red with anger? Worry? Frustration? She didn’t make much sense with all the screaming.

She shouted- ‘Where the hell is my ring??!?’ She pointed at her ring finger. ‘Find it! Find it! I am going to get killed!!’ FYI It was not an engagement ring, but her shouting told otherwise.

Here is what we THINK she told us about her ring in all that chaos-

  • Her mom was going to kill her.
  • She was playing with it before she lost it. In school.
  • She must have lost it in between the class and the cafeteria within a 20 meter radius, with approximately five hundred students roaming the grounds. So the probability of finding the ring—— Do the math.

She was certain that she had the ring on that day and just displaced it. No questions asked. And we dared not to after all she was famous for her high IQ (and anger tantrums).

So we helped her searched for it. Didn’t get it (obviously). She even lodged a complaint to our physical education coach. Must have confused him with the lost and found department. In the end she went home really sad.

You must be thinking this is a very normal story. Could happen with anybody. Moreover it has no relation with the beginning of the post. But here is the deal-

The next day she came to school, everyone in the class inquired about her ring. To which she replied  with a BIG (notice the caps) smile on her face that she had found it. Pointing again to her ring finger making us wonder if it actually was an engagement ring. (FuFuFuFu)

The ring was in her room, under her own pillow, on her own damn bed!

Gosh! All that drama for the fact that she was absolutely sure that she lost her ring in the school.”

Moral of the story- No memory’s perfect!

Hence, Hypothesis Proved.

😛 😀


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