Top 10 reasons why I should stop studying math.


10) I wasted the whole of 11th grade by sleeping in the class with eyes wide open.

9) I will never EVER in hell or heaven for that matter (trying not to leave any loopholes) pursue a career involving math. Darn sure about that.

8) I have been asked to keep that subject cause maybe if I don’t get proper marks to get my desired subjects in college I still will have math to look forward to. Doesn’t anyone realize that if I am supposed to have low hope with my other subjects(where I do well), then what makes them (my parents) think I have hope with math(about which I don’t have the tiniest idea)?

7) What if I do get what I want? Then what was the use of all the torture?

6) I could have given my math time to other subjects and score better there. (Ooh! Better idea! Could have given all that time to movie watching.)

5) I have no ‘me time’. Thanks you very much.

4) I keep hearing the usefulness of the subject. But how useful is it going to be when my report card comes with ‘FAIL’ written all over it?

3) Its boring.

2) I get nauseous seeing the math book.

1) I am clearly NOT a math student. Or else I would have been studying. Not waste my time writing a post about it.


4 responses to “Top 10 reasons why I should stop studying math.

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  2. You whined about math when you were doing it in +1 and +2. I meanwhile, melt into a gooey mess of goodness when I see a spectacular/awesome/magnifcient question.

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