A little something on something Very important.

Some things cause a lot of  nuisance in our lives. They are very important to us. We actually mostly ignore them and more often then less-kill them(Yeah. We do kill them). You must be wondering-“What is this girl even talking about?” I am talking about things that have made my life hell! But later about that, first read these interesting stories my dad used to tell me as a kid-

This story took place long time ago, a very very long time ago. The fishermen in the Indian villages had to wait for hours near ponds and lakes to get any fish. So usually after casting their nets they sat chatting. But during the seasons when fishes were scanty they usually fell asleep. The fishes would come near their bait but by the time the fishermen got up and noticed anything, the fishes were long gone (Talk about a smart fish). They would go empty handed to their wives and naturally they would face a big tantrum– if not beaten up(ouch!). After a lot of pestering from their wives they decided to approached Lord Shiva to give them a solution so that they don’t fall asleep. They were really scared because they were sure that their request was silly and the conversation may end up with their intestines blown up. But for some reason Shiva found it mildly amusing. He listened to their pleas and approached one of the fisherman and handed him something in his fist and said him to tightly hold on to it. He warned the fisherman not to open his fist unless he reached their fishing pond. He wanted to test their promise. They were very thankful to the God and they set out happily back to their fishing grounds. They promised him that they will not break their promise.

The way back felt longer than usual. They were getting restless to see what the God had given them. After another mile or so one of them said that they could just sneek-a-peek and the Lord wouldn’t notice. So reluctantly he raised just one finger and everything that was inside flew away multiplying a thousand times and spread all over the world.  If the fishermen would have kept their promise, we wouldn’t have to face this miserable fate. Those idiots.

Another popular story says that Goddess Parvati’s husband, Lord Shiva used to ignore his duties and just nap in the rice fields of Earth enjoying his day. Even after repeated calls from Parvati from Mount Kailash, he ignored her most of the time. So out of anger, Parvati made those little pests to disturb Shiva in the middle of his nap.

Guess that worked.

Because they disturb me now.

These are two different versions of the origin of the nuisance. But who actually made them? If you think about it maybe Parvati made them to only disturb Shiva, not the world. So later Shiva must have captured them and offered them to the fisherman to get rid of them. Never know.

Anyhoo, these things can be named nature’s alarm clock. Because whenever after having a long day I try to sleep for an hour or two in the evening, these things will come out as soon as the sun goes down. Vampire style with proboscis.

Maybe they think they are best of the world music makers. Or else why would they prefer to hover around my ears all the time? And destroy my precious, precious sleep?

If anyone is still not able to pick up on my subtle hints then let me make it clear. Their chorus sucks. Big time.

It is not only the chorus. But the paranoia that comes as a package. The paranoia of having picked up a deadly disease. And mind you panicking at every small disorder is no picnic.

But what can I do? The kind of atmosphere some parts of the world prevail which led to their rise. These species will never leave us alone, no matter what precautions we take. The only plus point to be considered here is that it gave rise to some really big business companies and provided many jobs.** So blame it(or be grateful-the business companies i mean) on evolution or Shiva, we got to live with it. No matter how many times they wake me up mid-sleep.



Oh. I forgot to mention. I was talking about mosquitoes.

Peace out!

**mosquito repellent companies and what not.


2 responses to “A little something on something Very important.

  1. lol… some mosquito are messing with me at the moment… i feel sorry for their parents… they couldnt say a final goodbye to them… *swamp* *RIP*

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