Kesukhadda Part 3: The final chapter.

continuation from part 2(kesukhadda part 2)….

This wormhole business was starting to annoy Nikki. People would think that going to a spaceship and viewing the Universe with front row seats would be a great idea. Nikki begged to differ. For one, she was not given any kind of VIP treatment. She was given a higher honour. The honour of being a lab rat. But not the cutting up or injecting kind of thing. That to say the least–is understandable. This was the kind that involves the throwing of your two closest friends  into the first black hole you find. That’s a whole new level of weird.

But what’s done is done. Nisha and Nikki had to tackle the situation at hand. They were just floating about without any sense of their surrounding inside the black hole. At one point of time Nikki could swore that she saw a micky mouse wall clock float by without its hands ticking. A trick of her mind?

“Aren’t we supposed to be sucked in and die or something?” Nisha asked, not sure if Nikki could even hear her. “Why can I still hear you?” Nikki asked looking confused. Nisha sighed heavily “Oh. Thank God! Thank God you can hear me!”

“I guess we have microphones which apparently work.” Nikki mused.

Suddenly Nicky’s voice came loud and clear, “Hey you girls. In Nisha’s backpack there is a radio transmitter. Get that out and send me the signals. That is what I needed you for, there is a theory that if a radio signal is transmitted from inside the black hole after every second to a receiver outside the event horizon… The signals would take longer n longer to reach, finally the last signal taking eternity to reach.” Nikki looked around then asked ignoring her lecture completely,”Where are you?” Her reply was quick.”I am outside obviously cruising in the recliner. Now hurry up and start with the signalling.”

Nisha trust her hands into her backpack and found the radio transmitter.  It was sleek black and looked just like an ipod. She turned it on. A faint blue light could be seen. “Hey! I am getting the signal” Nicky’s voice came. She sounded very exited. “Go a bit more far inside and press that button again.” It was very easy to navigate inside but they couldn’t figure out why. After going a bit far Nisha pressed the button again. “Hmmm….” Nicky’s voice came. “Go in more now.”

While they were doing this Nikki thought of asking the question that was bothering her. “Hey Nicky?’

“Yeah?” She replied.

“Now that we are not dead or anything, you are going to take us back to earth right? I mean your experiment is obviously successful–” From the other side Nisha mouthed: Is it? Nikki motioned her to shut up and continued, “– so your almighty plan succeeds and you gave us a wonderful trip. So maybe I was wondering we will all go back to earth right? Back home?” Nikki waited biting her lip. Even Nisha was frozen still (frozen falling actually). Then after what it seemed like an year had passed, Nicky replied, “Yeah I guess so.” Nikki and Nisha relaxed. Nothing had gone wrong with them and now they could go home.

But Nicky continued,” We could go back. Frankly I thought you guys will die and I won’t be able to do my radio signal test. But you survived. The black hole didn’t suck you in as fast as I had imagined!” She paused. “But the thing is that I don’t know how to bring you back once you pass the event horizon.”

Nisha went hysterical at that point “You evil—!!!” Nikki was feeling the same way. She wanted to shout like a crazy person but that clearly messed with the microphones. As soon as Nisha had let out ‘you evil’ the microphones had flared up and hurt their ears. Nicky’s voice came out sympathetic this time.”Oh I should have thought how to take you both out. I didn’t imagine a situation of survival. We three could have gone on many other adventures. But it is fine. I’ll find someone else. And be thankful to me. After you guys starve to death you are going to still be falling in the black hole. That is so much better than being buried in germy soil or going up in ashes right?”

Okay, that thought is totally messed up.

” So umm…farewell you guys! I had a great time!” With that Nicky’s line went dead.

Nisha and Nikki just looked at each other without any expression. All they wondered now was, who will die first. Nisha was still holding the radio transmitter. Its blue light had gone off. Then a second thought appeared to Nikki. They had both been given a backpack. Nisha’s one had a transmitter. Wonder what her one had. Just for the sake of it she opened the chain and looked inside it. What she found left her dumbfounded Because what was lying inside was the most terrifying, most precious, most important…..two water guns. The kind kids use… That was stupid even for Nicky!!. Yellow and red at that. The disappointment on her face couldn’t be more clear. Since when Nicky have such stupid humour? It made no sense! Nonetheless she took them out. They were loaded with water. She handed one to Nisha. Nisha just stared. “Oh come on! That’s the best defense we have got!” Nikki said.

“Defence against what? Blackness?”Nisha asked incredulous.

“I don’t know!” Nikki felt like an idiot holding a water gun in a black hole.

They were just falling…falling forever can get kinda boring. Without speaking a word when the saw the bend. In the vast array of blackness they could see a bend sort of thing. Nisha approached first. “Hey check this out!” And she started to stir her direction of falling into it. Nikki went to for a closer look. It was kind of like a tunnel. “What is this?” Nikki asked Nisha. Nisha looked back,”How should I know? Lets go in. What else are we going to do?” That is true. Nikki thought. Then suddenly it occurred to her. “Nisha, do you think this is a wormhole?”

“Yeah, maybe. But … Inside a black hole?!

“I don’t know. If this is the wormhole then we might end up just about anywhere!”

Nisha pondered over it. Then she said, “But what do we have to lose? We are already nowhere.” She waved her hand showing Nikki the surroundings. Point well taken. So they jumped inside the tunnel/wormhole.

Yeah.Tunnel/wormhole in the blackhole looks something like this. Hopefully.

After that everything was in fast motion. They felt like they were on a slide. Nikki was after Nisha. They could faintly see the other opening. Nikki thought they were going to pop back up into the black hole. But then the unthinkable happened. The opening was starting to shrink! “can’t it get anymore better… Our luck”,Nikki thought. They were going to get crushed to death. In a desperate attempt to break free Nikki pressed the water gun. The water that came out froze  the inside of the tunnel. Nisha saw what happened and aimed her gun to the opening of the wormhole. The water froze the tunnel walls which stopped shrinking and they slid out of it just in time before the tunnel de-froze.



“As you know the Universe around us is made up of matter.” came the teacher’s voice. Nisha and Nikki were sitting in the last bench. They looked at each other, bewildered. They were in their school uniform. Had they traveled back to earth? To their school? That got to be a lot of luck. Or had they imagined the whole thing? But the look Nisha gave Nikki clearly said that what they faced was reality.

They tried to gather what was happening so they looked towards the teacher and decided to talk about it later when both of them noticed Nicky in the front seat looking back at them.

She was smiling mischievously.


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