It is so much better inside my head…

It was time for her biology class again. How many times are they going to have that class in a day? She didn’t like the subject but she had to take its classes anyways because her parents convinced her that it was important to know something about ones species. . But she thought otherwise .. Knowing its scientific name could not possibly make humans less complicated!

The bell for their bio class rang and their teacher walked in. “Lets start with plant morphology today… “he began. “Just great! Plants again…bOoorring.”thought June. She decided she would take a nap , she was up all night solving her friend’s “boyfriend crisis”. She put her head down and started staring out the window next to her,trying to find something interesting with the school’s architecture.

Then suddenly, she noticed something move in the shadow of the tree in front of her window. The tree was in such a position that it partially hid the view of the school building from June’s view through the window. It kind of reminded her of twilight. ” I guess I REALLY AM tired , even my imagination can’t think of things other than twilight scenes.” she thought. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.. The teachers voice was getting fainter. .




June awoke with a start. The knock was on the window next to her! But she couldn’t check what was going on as the teacher was still teaching,  “Man,this class is taking forever to get over!” … But as soon as she thought that , the bell rang. June jumped up and rushed to investigate the window and to her surprise there was a phone number scribbled there …   ” Okay what the hell is going on? It wasn’t here just a minute ago. I had definitely not seen it when I closed the window before class.” June debated with herself  and started checking the window frame. .on it she found a word scribbled quite hastily, she tried to make out what it was, finally she figured it read ‘Help’.  “Okay , this has gone too far. . I m not falling for this prank. Today is April fools day. My friends are trying to get me for what I did in the morning.” she was furious that someone could play such a sick joke But she didn’t want to think about it, so she went to the cafeteria…Maybe a snack would cool her off.

It did not help. She was still thinking about the number. And the word “help” kept flashing in her memory. She figured she would call the no through a paid phone, if it was a prank-they would never know its her, if it was real-maybe she could help someone.

After school she went to the nearest phone booth and dialed the number. No one picked up the first time, she tried again, thinking that if it was a prank. The pranksters would  literally be sitting in front of the phone wishing someone called.  Maybe this wasn’t a prank after all, after ringing for sometime someone finally picked up…. And she did not like what she heard.

Thank God! . . Thank God! You found the no! I thought i was done for!! Please you have to help me! I need you to bring something for me“. . . June went numb, what is this? Why was the girl crying? What help? She tried to talk to the girl on the phone.

“Hey listen, what are you talking about? What happened to you? If its serious, don’t you think I should call the police? ”  . The girl replied clearly scared ” No! Don’t call the police! They would kill me! Just bring the bag from  the desk 15 of class room XII -A!! And bring it to the alley -56 near the school!! Please help me!! . . I have to go now,they are coming! Please bring it by 6:30pm!”
“Wai-” June tried to speak but the line went dead. Who was gonna kill her?

“What have i got myself into!!!. .  I can just walk away…But that girl would die! Maybe i should call the police. . But she said not to. . Maybe i should just walk away.. . Ahhh i hate what i am going to do!!”
June made her way into the school, the extra classes were going on these days so the school was open till 5pm. She went to class XII-A. It was dark inside, she felt the wall for the switch, she turned it on and went to desk 15. .  All this time, her heart beating at an abnormal rate and her mind telling her to turn back. . But she had to do this. She found the bag. . She was curious as to what was inside but she dared not open it.

She reached the alley that the girl mentioned, and the surrounding had a creepy imagery..
“It looks like a place where an encounter would takes place in movies….Encounter?? Damn!  I just HAD to think about that didn’t I? Shit, I m officially scared now.”June checked her watch, it was 6:15pm. . 15 minutes more. . .

She was leaning against the street lamp in the alley when she suddenly heard voices. . “Maybe its her”, she moved forward and saw a hooded figure come towards her. . “Its her! Its her. . Please be her!” was all she could think. . And finally to her relief, it was a girl. . Maybe the girl. She spoke quietly” Thank you so much! Did you get the bag?” June nodded. ” Now all we need to do is give it to them, come with me” , June didn’t want to go but  curiousity got the best of her. So she and the girl went inside a house, a drug dealer’s house was June’s first guess. The girl handed the bag to the people inside and explained that June was innocent and that she only brought the bag and that she (the girl) herself would never tell anyone about anything! June was observing the room, the gang leader with whom the girl was talking to seemed relaxed, the others had guns. . They were making June uneasy. . Maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all. . Then she saw the leader speak something to one of the boys with the gun. He raised his gun. . June looked at the girl and saw her mouth a ‘I m sorry’.

“Okay THIS is not how i want to die! I helped the girl!! I don’t even know who you are!! Please!!! I always imagined it would be best to die with a heart attack!! This is not where it ends for me! I had so many aims. . . . !”

June woke up.It was the sound of the school bell, class was over.
“Okay students, bio was your last period, don’t forget to bring your assignments tomorrow.” the teacher informed.
The students started getting up,packing their bags and chatting with their friends as they left the class.
June stood up from her seat and stretched her arms, she observed the class with a smile on her face, everyone was busy talking with everyone else and none of them had any idea of the awesome and thrilling adventure she just had. Though she was almost going to die. But that’s not the point.

Life so much better inside my head.”, June thought and walked out of the class.

So true...


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