Kesukhadda Part 2

continuation after part 1 (Kesukhadda i.e wormhole)..

Niiki thought she was going to throw up. It is not every day that one ends up in a spaceship. And this was not a dream because no matter how many times Nikki head-butted against the wall, she didn’t wake up.

“Shit man. This hurts.” She muttered rubbing her head. Meanwhile Nisha was trying to figure out what was happening in her own way. Like fainting and un-fainting a number of times. Finally, when she woke up the sixth time she asked, “Nikki? What’s going on?

“Awesome-ness!”,Nicky replied. She seemed to be quite fond of the word.

“Believe me, you don’t want to know!”,Nikki replied, indifferent , as she already explained it to Nisha for five times by now, after which she had fainted again.

Nisha looked between her friends appearing confused as ever.


“Don’t faint again my dear. I am bored waiting for you.” Nicky said moving towards the glass window. “I am dying to explain my evil plans.”

“What, are you Doofensmirtz now?” Nikki said rolling her eyes.

Nicky ignored her and went on with her prattle. “As you both know–”.  She took a seat near the window. “–I love Astrophysics. But what you don’t know is that I want to concour the universe with my knowledge of Astrophysics.” She paused for effect.

Her friends—more like former friends showed no reaction. Nikki and Nisha just exchanged a look that clearly said—What does she want? An applause?

Nicky looked a little red. Nevertheless she continued, “So my surprise when I stumbled upon a wormhole one day. It teleported me to some bridge. Before I could figure out where I was, it teleported me back to my place. This is when I discovered the mechanisms of the wormholes. You know wormholes exist everywhere? You just need to be in the right place at the right time.” She looked really smug now like it was not luck that she found the wormhole, rather her own genius.

Nisha too went to stand by the window to take a closer look outside.“That means we were teleported here by a wormhole?” she asked. “And that really is the black hole? Not some sort of a prank you guys are playing on me?”

“Yes and No” Nicky said answering both the questions.

Nikki was skeptical. “If that is really true and even if we were really teleported by the wormhole how can you explain the spaceship? You couldn’t have built it alone.”

“Of course I didn’t build this,are you crazy? I’ll have to have magic for that. I just borrowed it from the NASA. One trip to their lab was enough to nick this out. All I need is the protection of these walls. I had no need of launching it. I teleported it to the nearest place where I could find the black hole.”

Okay things like this could really deep fry your brains.

1)      Mistress of wormhole.

2)      Friends turned to lab rats.

3)      Stealing from NASA.

Well, these things are not believable either.  But, it’s hard to doubt your own eyes.

Nisha was listening to everything quietly, her mind racing. If it was any normal day-which obviously did not seem to be the case-she would have been excited about being in a spaceship. But there were more important things to consider.

” Why did you bring us here? I mean… What experiment do you have in mind exactly?” she said out loud to Nicky.

“Glad you asked.” Nicky said giving Nisha a malicious smile. “Now put on these spacesuits.”

“Excuse me?” Okay. This is too much. The spacesuit that Nicky wanted them to wear was not spacesuit. It was just a pile of ordinary clothes. Well… they looked cool but how were they supposed to protect them. Then they noticed that Nicky too was wearing that same kind of thing. How hadn’t they noticed that before? Before anyone could ask Nicky went on to explain, “These are my super improved spacesuits. I designed them specially to enter the black hole. Now buckle up! Or I am just gonna throw you out without them.”

There seemed to be no escape from this it seemed. It was a different thing to be held at gunpoint. You can at least attempt to escape from that. No doubt ending in a bloody mess. But attempt nonetheless. But here? There was no telling where they were in the first place.

So they ended up in those “spacesuits”. It was pretty cool. Form fitting black jeans and top. Except the fishbowl kinda thing on their heads. Apparently for breathing purposes. Instead it seemed to be choking them.

Nicky did not wait waste any time after that. She quickly pressed some buttons. Nikki and Nisha moved in a trance. They were shoved by Nicky very hard. She took them out of the spaceship. They were really scared for their lives now  thinking Nicky will lead to the death of all the three. But when they went out nothing affected them. At least till now nothing seemed to burn them into ashes. Niiki was a bit impressed with the suits even if they were held hostage.

Nicky took out a recliner and let it float. She lied on it. Took out a packet of juice. And stretched out as if to sunbath!

Nisha and Nikki were still confused when Nicky pressed a button which made two Robotic hands appear from the spaceship. It pushed them into the black hole past the event horizon…

to be cont…


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