Things That Happen When Your Day is Jinxed.

I am jinxed...ain't I?

  1. You get up early in the morning. Have a long warm bath. While dressing up leisurely a cockroach climbs your back and to your hair. Worse- you have curly hair.
  2. In school you finally get the guts to smile at the guy you like hoping this to be your lucky day. He is looking the other way.
  3. After your smile vanishes and you keep standing there like a moron. He turns and asks- ‘You want something?” *Shit*
  4. At lunch, trying to grab the best piece of food in your friend’s lunch box you spill curry all over your White shirt.
  5. You try washing the stain with some water when someone pushes you and you drop that too.
  6. While you try picking up the  bottle, you hit your head  in the desk. Hard.
  7. You go have hot tomato soup. Nothing bad. Except that you burn your tongue and spill  on your white shirt all over again.
  8. While returning home you need to catch the bus but decide that you will get to in after a chat with your friends. But the driver seemingly decided to teach you a lesson and you need to run to catch the bus.
  9. Phew! You caught the bus. Suddenly the bus jerks. You fall back and hit your head. Again.
  10. You reach home. You– ….. Ah. Never mind.

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