Nemesis day out:


our tickets

                    Yaaaayyyyy!!!! Exams over! So it’s time for party. Isn’t it?
Umm…Guess not.
1) none of our friends seemd to be in any mood to party (or rather their parents weren’t).
2)no good movies in the theater (damn the woods)
3)many went to exotic vacations, if you call pilgrimage exotic. Well.. 17 year olds going for pilgrimage(what other choice do you have when you live with your parents in a place called India-the rich cultural land).
4)major problem- only 4 days holiday, well.. For the biology taking masses anyways.(you might not get that but. . The is no use explaing it)
Well in the end only the two of us ended up hanging out. This was for the first time that our parents did not make a fuss before letting us go to the movies by ourselves (noetics worked!! Ref. Our prev. post). This doesn’t mean that we don’t “hangout” but its just that the gang’s population is usually about 5 or 6 strong. Anyhooo this time “NEMESIS” went wild (as wild as any two 17 year olds would go with only 500 bucks -in rupees FYI- in their pockets or purses). All our parents seem to think that DONA PLANET is the most happening and ‘crowded’ place for teenagers to hangout in. But volia! Amazing how crowded that place was . . If you belive two’s a crowd. What happened to all the teenage species?

But man! we got the best seats EVER! We watched the movie in 3D (which you already know requires the use of 3D glasses but one other point . . people who already have glasses -you know the four eyed thing – they have to literally wear 2 glasses and its quite comforting if you think that adjusting them every two minutes is ‘comforting’ as they either slide off your nose or fall off your ears) .

The movie was “JOHN CARTER” btw. It has some serious scientific issuses (and after a year studying science, believe us, we KNOW.). . The 1st point being , why the aliens in our universe just HAVE to talk in english or why are they always in human form? And how the hell did john carter survive the MARS’s  waterless atmosphere,for gods sake there is no atmosphere to begin with! All in all the movie was good(the ending part) but we liked the seats better! (we considered sleeping there for a while).
Then we had “i scream , you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM” and we went for mission impossible marathon! All the while having chocolate , chips and what not!
well to conclude our day “out” we wrote this post after a gap of 1month (thats a lot of time. .  )

P.S Virginia rules! ! (watch the movie to understand) 😛


3 responses to “Nemesis day out:

  1. hmmm…good but u kind of criticised on india dont u thnk by that pilgrimage comment…like ur not at all proud to be an indian or something..watever,i better not criticize your criticism…good work still

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