My Pisum Experiment.

There are times when I have nothing better to do. So it was one such time that I decided to sow a pea plant.

My mom was preparing a dish using  peas. I took some of the pods from her and started gulping them down my throat. The peas I mean, not the pods. On an impulse I took one pod and stuffed it into the soil in a flower tub in my balcony.

The flower tub actually contained this plant-

Don’t ask me its name. I really don’t know.

As you can see, it has many leaves. Just keep that in mind. It might be important.

Some days passed. I had totally forgotten about the pea pod when a tiny seedling came out in the tub. At that moment I thought that I am the most amazing agriculturist ever(though I never really looked after it). I thought maybe it was my destiny to do a botany experiment and named myself Lieutenant Bio-head.I didn’t exactly know what was I supposed to do after naming myself. But I knew this for sure-

1) It definitely was a botany experiment.

2) The scientific name of pea is pisum sativum. So… I am surely doing scientific things.

Another couple of days passed, and I took full care of my experiment. Believe me, I am telling the truth because it grew remarkably. The fact that the other plant almost died does not mean I didn’t look out for it…

Who would have thought that the pea plant would take all the nutrition from the soil? Umm… I guess I knew that…but…umm.. Suddenly my future as the Lieutenant Bio-head didn’t look so hot.

So the pea plant turned out to be like this- might like to ignore the withered plant at the bottom of the tub.

Well… I told you to remember the leaves right? This is what happened to the I-don’t-know-the-name plant-

At least the plant is not dead yet.


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