Noetic: A bizarre maneuver.

Noetic Vibes..


Putting the mind to work

Noetic Science: We came across this new branch of science when reading the renowned author Dan Brown’s book-‘The Lost Symbol’.

 It is a branch of science which deals with the power of mind and intellect. We can  shape the world by the power of our mind. So it got us hooked and we started working on our mind power, we tried to firstly move a pencil with that power but apperently our minds were not that strong, so we stuck to making the situations be in our favour. Whenever we had any task at hand it was always like- ‘think positive’. We got to make this work! But 2011 seemed to be a year with pure evil– as Nathan Bradley says (another much famous blogger ).  Nothing seemed to work the previous year. Or maybe our neotic power was very low, but we totally dissagree on that thought ,well… come on,  us with low mind power??  How can two brains work together and we still get a negative feedback? So then we came up with this–  our names start with N and we are attached with the letter N, so maybe Namratas cancel off the N of Neotic an only ‘eotic’ is left, consequently leaving us in an ocean of misfortune from which we seemed to have no escape! Sometimes it would work out and we would get so happy about it that we end up discussing it all day long untill we finally get tired of the topic itself. Maybe something is wrong about that and all the things after that just goes wide off the mark.

Isn’t noetic supposed to work in a way that involves more brains?  If more power of the mind is involved, then shouldn’t it work, if not 100%, but at least 80%? Except it didn’t. Nothing seemed to work its way, no matter how positively we thought. 

Once we and one of our good friends had to attend a poster making competition and our preparations for it were just terrific. We had tried to show the world in a practical light staying as close to reality as possible. After we explained our theme to the judges they pointed out that the painting as a whole was skillful. But our message should have been more ‘idealistic’ (yeah,right.. like there is some truth about showing that all of the Indians will be millionairs in 2012). We asserted that we were trying to portray a more realistic image. But that is not the point. The point is that we were very excited over the whole matter and it didn’t work out our way and that was the time neotics betrayed us.  But sometimes when we least expect a thing, it finds its way in.  

Many must have experienced this-. Suppose you have been expecting a video game from your parents and they had promised to give you that soon,after a lot of convincing and promises about studying longer. You get really excited over it. Tell your friends. Dream about it. Smile foolishly when the holy day comes. But a-oh, it’s out of stock and won’t be manufactured ever again! So you give up hope and stop looking forward to anything anymore. Many days pass, you totally forget about it and then bam! Someone gives you that as a gift for no apparent reason!

So wasn’t noetic supposed to work the other way round? Positive thinking= success and negative thinking= fall?

But we can also interpret it another way, Noetic does work but never in the way you want it to. It has its own fun by giving you the element of surprise which is coming up in our next post- ‘Noetic#2: The element of surprise!’


3 responses to “Noetic: A bizarre maneuver.

  1. well i will say the example of video games stated above to be a pure case destiny and coincidence… but firstly.. well i am no guy no advice people like you but just dont create your knowledge from a fiction… Dan Brown no doubt writes about realistic object/sites/events but just the name might be real and no else… i agree i dont have much info on neotic sc. and thanks to my laziness i wont search it but i felt (i might be wrong) you should consider the events of coincidence from a different point of view… psychic telepaty (unknowingly) is also very similar…

    • We can consider it as a coincidence but then how can a lot people get the same kind of coincidences? It is just an example but that kind of thing happens to many people. Every time its not simply a coincidence. Moreover, we came accross the term in Lost Symbol. We came accross vampires too in books, but didn’t call that knowledge. An institute of Noetic Science exists which was founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell. You must have heard about the book ‘The Secret’ which talks about mental vibes. It is based on Noetic Science too. Scientific researchers say psychic telepathy, extra sensory perception and coincidences are all based on Noetic Science. Sometines watching Nat Geo won’t harm you.

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