So let us start with our first hypothesis-

Its called the” situation singularity“-it is not that the situations are different , but it is that,that the same situations happen to different people.

We experience many different things everyday and there are millons of people out there who experience different things too. Then won’t it be tiresome for whoever, who has been creating these things to fabricate new situations everyday? That too for the millions of years that the living world had existed. Lets call the person/thing/power running our world “The Supremacy”. Well…The Supremace seems to be very cunning. The Supremacy puts us in the same situations pesistently and we coil the strings way too much in our brains and deduce different results. Think about this-

Is it the situations that are different or the people? Imagine if you, your best friend and the person who gets on your nerves are give the same situation to make a decision on.. Will you guys have the same answers? If that is the case then  there are actually many similar situations.. Subsequently we are  making the same decisions again and again but with slightly different results.

Like for example,

Three people of totally different backgrounds are given a painting of the type ‘modern art’ with you know, little dots and dashes and a lot of vibrant colours. So all of them must have different personalities and are gonna infer it differently.

Person 1: Wow! Colours! So bright!

Person 2: Hmm. the painter used really good strokes. This will be a tour de force.

Person 3: What a drag… Another meaningless thing to look at…

The example is in the case of a painting but this is what exactly that happens in life. Everyone has just got different prospectives but its the same thing that’s getting repeated time and again.



7 responses to “Situations!

  1. firstly.. Bravo both of you… a very interesting piece.. well now on the serious note… the existence of various solutions for one same problem is quite fimdamental (e.g. maths sum solutions)… it gives us a lot of new dimensions of thoughts… it was said by a horrible violinist.. Albert Einstine.. “it would be a fools work to use the same method to the same problem and expect a different result”.. and ofcorse.. parallel universe is there to show the probability.. it ultimately makes the world an interesting playground… dont you think so?

    • yeah it does make the world an interesting place. but we are not talking about what we do differently. it’s about how different people are. parallel universe is totally a different entity i think. You might find this interesting- “Two men look out through the same bars;
      One sees the mud, and one the stars.”
      Its always the same situations but for someone it maybe negative and others positive. Actually the world by itself is not interesting, it is the people who are using their minds to make it interesting.

  2. and its actually the brains which perceives the situations differently (whose functioning also depends on the way that particular person has been making decisions his own life) which results in people making different decisions, following different paths in life……..but but it is even equally possible that as you said so many people so many brains, so reversely different people make the same mistakes too….

    nevertheless yes situations remains the same,

    in favour of hypothesis

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